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I'm a huge fan of Japanese entertainment in general, including but not limited to: music, animation, manga, movie, tv drama/show, and culture. I've been an anime fan for as long as I can remember and it was what started all my Japanese endeavors.

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5 x 22

Happy ARASHI Day my fellow Arashians!! 💛💙❤️💚💜

I can't believe it has been more or less 7 years already since I became an Arashian. I still feel like I just discovered ARASHI yesterday because there are just so much to learn from them and about them. They still amaze me even up to these days and they always have something new to offer (even if it came from an old episode of their old variety shows). And that's only just one small reason out of my countless 'because' about why no matter how much I venture out to other JP artists, none of them can ever top my love for ARASHI.

ARASHI will always be number one in my heart.

These days, when I listen to their songs, or think about them, I get ugly emotional. Even though I have so many unwatched episodes of ANiShi and VSA (like it's suppose to not make me feel they are on hiatus), I still miss them big time. I sincerely believe that ARASHI will definitely come back and continue like usual. I still haven't fulfilled the dream to see them in person (i.e. go their concert), and I strongly pray that someday it'll come true.

So anyway, how are y'all celebrating today? As for me, I did a cover of 「𝑺𝒕𝒊𝒍𝒍...」 unfortunately, it can't be uploaded on YouTube due to J&A's very strict copyright policies, so I just uploaded it on my FB account. It's my first time to challenge SakuRap and it was really fun! Let me know what you think about this cover.

Once again, happy 5 x 22 fellow Arashians! I hope y'all have an awesome day ahead! 🌻
aira ninoyama

[Collaboration Cover] Yorushika - Nautilus (ノーチラス)

I honestly didn't expect this cover to turn out so good cuz the process was very slow and Noru-chan and I almost didn't chat, but when we finished recording, she sent our raw files to a professional audio engineer and the result gave me a pleasant shock. 🤣

This is literally my favorite collaboration right now. I hope you can lend us an ear. 💗



Have a nice day! 🌻
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[COVER] U (millenium parade x Belle)

Hello! I'm sorry I have no fandom goodies to bring you guys here lately after subbing Dai-chan's drama. These days I feel like I'm on hiatus and at the same time, not. I'm just floating and sinking in the fandom. huhuhuhu. I have been spending most of my time taking care of my mental and spiritual health lately and has literally no time for anything else. *cries* But I do plan in translating more of JUMP-kun's songs (especially the new ones).

Anyway, one of the things that makes me happy is covering Japanese songs, so excuse me if all my recent posts are just my covers. xD
I really really do hope that you can support my youtube channel. *puppy eyes*

Here's my new cover. It's the main OST from the anime movie called Ryuu to Sobakasu no Hime. I hope you like it! (Let me know. aaaaaa)



Thank you and have a nice day!
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Ciaossu! Sharing my recording of this wonderful concert from YOASOBI.

I paid for this content so please just respect me by not uploading my recording to any video streaming services and by not spreading it even more publicly. Also, keep me safe by not tagging the official accounts. You're welcome.

720P | 3.63 GB

Enjoy! Link behind the photo.

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Official Hige Dandism 「Road to one-man tour 2021-2022」07.10.2021

Hello! Sharing my recording of Higedan's concert last Saturday at Yokohama Arena that was streamed online. I super duper love this concert and heartily enjoyed it. They had been so amazing throughout. I can't tell you how many times I've rewatched this almost 2-hours concert and I don't even do that to other artists' concerts. lol. I love it that much.

You can read about my rave about my favorite parts of this concert in this Twitter thread.

I paid for this content so please just respect me by not uploading my recording to any video streaming services and by not spreading it even more publicly. Also, keep me safe by not tagging the official accounts. You're welcome.

Apologies for the file size. I managed to cut it in half from the original size of my original recording by editing it for pc view (I recorded from my phone so the aspect ratio was extra wide), but that's it. If any of you can encode it further down, you have my permission. ;)

720P | 7.33 GB

Enjoy! Link behind the photo.

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[COVER] Pleasure (WARPs UP) Fruits Basket Season 3 Opening

Fruits Basket is my current favorite anime. ❤️ I've followed it through since season 1 while it's still ongoing. If you like watching anime and still haven't watched the 2019 remake, I highly recommend it! 👌

I fell in love with the opening song of season 3 ever since episode 1, so I decided to make a cover. Please check it out. 🥰

AUDIO STREAM via SoundCloud

YouTube Video

Have a nice day! 🌻
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