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[Blogpost] ARASHI ☆ Hey! Say! JUMP

gifs credits to jyj4everfan @ tumblr

As you may have already known, I’m both a Tobikko & an Arashian. And an interaction between ARASHI & Hey! Say! JUMP is something I always look forward to. Every time ARASHI & Hey! Say! JUMP are together, I just can’t explain the excitement inside me. For some reasons, it really really makes me feel so happy especially when they’re performing in the same program.

Last Music Station (10/23/2015) is such a bliss for me. ARASHI & JUMP are together again. Of course it’s because both of them released their new album and single at the same date. When I first watched the program (not live stream unfortunately), just merely seeing them talking with each other already made me so happy. I know it’s not that of a big deal because them working together is not rare at all since they’re both groups from Johnny’s Jimusho, but I just don’t know why seeing them together is happiness to me. You could only imagine how I felt during this year’s WakuWaku Gakkou.

And so to make myself happier, I’ve noted a few of their conversation during the last Music Station which I have just read a few hours ago from an Arashi comm.

[Arashi-JUMP interaction during MS 10/23/2015 #1]
Hey! Say! JUMP was asked about Arashi’s backflips. Yama-chan said that they really have no idea about it and that the first time they saw it was during the rehearsals. He added that it was really cool, and Nino was nodding like quietly saying “Of course it is!” HAHA! I know. He’s such a proud brat… but it’s one of the reasons why I love him. It’s not a sin if he knows how cool he is. After all, he did the most number of backflips in that performance. lol

[Arashi-JUMP interaction during MS 10/23/2015 #2]
" Hikaru has been texting with Ohno, and it's a quite rare tidbits considering that Riidaa doesn't really do the same with the rest of Arashi members. What did they talk about in their text messages? Bruce Lee movies appreciation. "
© arashi-bangumi @ livejournal

Tome-chan (as what they call him) is quiet close with his Arashi senpais. (*´ ˘ `*)
I saw Sho's arms over his shoulders last MS. And I was like... Ohh...the rappers of both groups.
٩(ó。ò۶ ♡)))♬

And also, he's the one who gave MatsuJun their JUMPing CAR album before. And the one to listen to J's comments about it.
When Hikaru is talking to his senpais, he's just so cute. (´⌣` ʃƪ)

[Arashi-JUMP interaction during MS 10/23/2015 #3]
" Inoo added that the rest looks like they're having fun exchanging messages, but he doesn't even know any of the Arashi members' contact numbers.
He had a chance to ask Sho-chan in one occasion together with Okamoto, but Sho-chan didn't hear it and he felt hurt.
Sho: you should just ask.
Inoo: Can I just ask?
Sho: it's OK.
Inou: Thanks, then later after this...
Sho: 010... "
© arashi-bangumi @ livejournal

HAHA! Arashi members really know how to bully Kei! But I really find this kinship a very cute one. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

[Arashi-JUMP interaction during MS 10/23/2015 #4]
MatsuJun knows the numbers of all members of Hey! Say! JUMP except Daiki.
HAHAHA!(*´▽`*)Somehow, I want to call this one penguin bullying. (ˆˇˆ)
Tamori: Do Arashi listen to Hey! Say! JUMP songs?
Matsujun: Since I went to Hey! Say! JUMP concert, I went to get the album and listen to the songs. I also got all the single versions and listen to all. And I sound like a Hey! Say! JUMP fan. Today I'm looking forward to the performance.
(c) arashi-bangumi @ livejournal

I'm really loving J's relationship with JUMP! He’s such an amazing senpai towards his kouhais. Also, he didn’t just went to watch JUMP’s concert, he also ended up treating them all to a fancy restaurant. (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤
Who knows, he might also direct their concert in the future!

Of course there is more to this than the things that I have just mentioned. But these alone already made me very happy.


Sorry… I was too lazy to look for screenshots or get one myself so no pictures just those cute gifs. Not that it matters anyway. (^▽^)
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