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[RADIO] 7 Ultra Power with Ryosuke Yamada, Yuto Nakajima, & Yuri Chinen

Domo ~ Hisashiburi ! =D

It's been awhile since I last posted here. This month, I missed a post for Ohchan & Chii's birthdays, last Best Artist, and last night's FNS because my laptop got internally damaged for almost a month now and is still on the process of repairs. (I wish I have the luxury of buying a new one...) I lost my precious programs, that's why I can't do much for now. It's really frustrating and to be honest, I felt kinda lost. (T ^ T)

So much for that, I can do at least little things like this during my spare times. (As a part of a graduating college class, yes, we're quite busy) So I'd thought I'd share the fun. ^________^)\/

7 Ultra Power with Ryosuke Yamada & Yuto Nakajima

...And a few seconds of nonsense talk with Yama-chan & Chii. xDD

[PS: Chinen birthday fanvid]
For the whole month of November, 2 of my idols had birthdays. Those are Ohchan & Chii, but through out the month, my fb posts favored Ohchan so in order to make it up to Chii, I made a birthday fanvid. LOL. It's not that much, really since I lost my programs and I have to use an old crappy video software. Besides, I made it on the last minute so it's kinda lame. Well anyway, if you're curious and you wanna watch, it's HERE. xDD
Credits to various owners. <3

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