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Happy 34th Birthday Sho Sakurai !

To my ARASHI sanban, and one of the Japanese idols I respect the most...

There's absolutely no question as to why people loves & respects you so much. On this special day, we thank God for the existence of such a person who taught us so many things and learned with us along the way too.
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I wish you a lot more great things in the life ahead of you. Thank you for deciding to join the Entertainment world Sho-chan. Your decision years ago really made an impact to me and to all Arashians who adores you.

It's amazing how a chibi-ko like this....

...can grow so much to a very respectable, not to mention good looking & talented, man like this.

(c) owner

You truly are a wonder Sho-chan ! ...and a living example of a success induced by perseverance and hardwork. An inspiring guy who always gives his 120% in everything.

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY / Tanjoubi Omedetou ! ^^

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