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Happy 23rd Birthday Okamoto Keito !

Happy Birthday KEITOOOOO !!
My forever Hey!Say!JUMP yonban.

(c) put-heysayjump-here @ tumblr

My first impression about this english boy when I first saw him before was that he was the shy type because unlike any other, this guy was not too flashy and acted with simplicity in front of the camera. But then, as I aged with the fandom, I realized how shining Keito is too. In his own ways and own pace, Keito shines in his own spot light. That's how I appreciate him. And even though he's not always in the center or doesn't have the most number of lines in their songs, he's the kind of guy your eyes would want to follow. (Well at least to me)

Going back to the days during their debut, when I saw that episode in Shin Domoto Kyoudai back in November of 2007 where Hey! Say! JUMP guested, a few months after their group's official debut, I can always conclude that Keito is the most neutral member of JUMP.

When they were asked about why they auditioned to be in JE, Keito answered this:

Sweet, right?

Even though his parents were divorced, it didn't hindered him to become someone he wants to be. It didn't hindered him to pursue the same career his father had. And most specially, it didn't made him a brat turning to a juvenile delinquent.

I have always thought, and still thinks, that Keito is the most yasashii member of JUMP.

Furthermore from that episode, when they were asked who among their senpais Keito admires the most, he neutrally stated that he admires everyone from JE.

When everyone was naming various senpais, (Chinen chose Ohchan of course! lols) Keito said that he likes everyone. Somehow, I would like to believe that he wanted to answer "Boku no otou-san" but perhaps that would defeat the concept of "jimusho no senpai".

I don't know for everyone, but I have always admired Keito. His kindness, his guitar skills (lols. told ya, I love rock), his english, and everything that only he can do, whatever those are. I can't say I know a lot of things about him, but from what I've known so far, that is what I'll believe.

Keito-kun, thank you for always taking care of Ryosuke: for hanging out with him when he wanted to do cafe-hopping even though it's so gay [1]; (HAHA) And recently for carrying him to a comfortable position when he fell asleep somewhere. During your JUMPing C4R album, in the recording of Saisho ~ Tokei, you supported him  by doing your best in your guitar [2]. Even though it was quiet unfair that you didn't get a line in that song, you didn't mind and wanted instead to support Ryosuke with the best way you can.

[1] Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai [2015.03.19]
(c) sakini_pikanchi

[2] Saisho ~ Tokei Recording
(c) hy5993

YOU wa honto ni yasashi ne. xDD

I hope you had the greatest day of the year! More offers for you to come! I hope someday, you'll get a brighter spot light and that more people will love and appreciate you!

Kore kara mo, motto ganbare !



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