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Arioka Daiki: My entrance to Tobikko happy land

This is a late birthday post for my beloved Hey! Say! JUMP niban, Daiki.

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So before everything else...


princessagathawalker.gif put-heysayjump-here3.gif

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"Follow the path towards Daiki, and you'll find Happiness."  (❁´‿`❁)

Dai-chan was the 2nd member I've known in JUMP after Hikaru-kun, and was the reason why I became I Tobikko. I remember flailing over him as I watched my first JUMP PV, Come On A My House. I kept on looking for him.

I first saw Dai-chan last year when he guested in Nino-san. He caught my attention because he was such a cute and adorable kouhai. During that time, I was already so interested to JUMP after watching them in a Johnny's medley. And thanks to Dai-chan, the spark began. He was like my Ignition. The start of something new. lols. It was my first time fangirling idols near my age. ≧▽≦

Yep, Dai-chan was initially my ichiban until I got to know Ryosuke better and got my heart stolen. xD So he became my niban and AriYama became my OTP.

AriYama doing the infamous "Arioka pose". AREN'T THEY ADORABLE?!

To me Dai-chan is like the human form of JUMP's image:

Sometimes cool, ikemen, and hot...

put-heysayjump-here3.gif   put-heysayjump-here3.gif


(c) owners

And sometimes cute & playful.

put-heysayjump-here3.gif   put-heysayjump-here3.gif


(c) owners

He is that kind of person whom whenever I see, gives me a warm blissful feeling inside. That's why I knew I love Dai-chan so much and that would never change.

So lastly, Belated Happy Birthday Dai-chan !!

Here's a short fanvid I made for him. It's nothing much, and I've only used a few recent video clips, but I hope everyone will feel the same warmth inside them after watching our cutest penguin from Japan. (∩_∩)

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