May 15th, 2015

aira ninoyama

By the way, why ARASHI?

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Arashi is Japanese idol group composed of 5 men in their early 30’s (as of the present). They debuted back in 1999 under Johnny’s Entertainment Agency, etc. At least that’s what everyone else around the internet says when you research for their name, but when you’re a fan, those descriptions are almost an understatement because you knew that this group is more than just an idol group who sing and dance.

“Arashi is like Disney land because when you’re with them, it is fun.” Terry Ito, one of their guests in Arashi ni Shiyagare once said. Another guest, Kishitani Goro, also once stated that Arashi is “The Entertainment Industry’s Treasure Box.”
Would Wikipedia ever include those descriptions? Or that Arashi is now Japan’s appointed Ambassadors of Tourism, is already considered a social phenomenon there, and is acknowledge by Nikkei Entertainment as Japan’s most influential artist? No, I guess not.

It’s still just nine months since I became an Arashian. Not that long, yes, and compared to others, and Arashi’s 15 years, I might still be called a newbie in the fandom. However, to me, it felt like forever. For just a short time, I’ve learned so much about the 5 bakas and I’ve always enjoyed fangirling this amazing group called ARASHI. I can’t help but be amazed at other Arashians who have been a fan for almost a decade now. That only proves that ARASHI knows how to take care of their fans and make them (clears throat), US happy, entertained and most of all satisfied with their works and efforts.

In the social network age, we sure do know that a lot of new celebrities and idols have sprang up in all corners of the world as the old ones struggle to keep their feet steady while being swept by the new waves of entertainment and the ever increasing demands of the people. In the midst of these, my friends, families, and acquaintances must be wondering why I chose to become a fan of a group who debuted back in 1999. Not to mention, a Japanese boy group, when in fact in the Philippines, Korean groups are more trending.
By the way, why ARASHI?

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First, let me say this, ARASHI is simply AMAZING.
The word ARASHI and AMAZING seems to fit each other very well. At least, for me. And don’t be surprised because I’m gonna abuse that word here.

Surely, they are not a new group. I must say a lot might be better than them in some ways, more handsome, more popular, and/or younger. So then, why?

To be honest, I didn’t become an Arashian simply because they’re handsome, like other fangirls’ reason (no offense). In fact, I’ve realized their coolness and good looks after becoming their fan. Besides the fact that before them, I’m already very much interested in Japanese music. I’ve known Matsujun 3 years earlier, and at that time, I don’t even have the slightest idea that he has a group, or that he sings and dances because I’ve always thought he’s just an actor and I’ve always been amazed by his acting. Then after 3 years, I saw Nino’s Platina Data thanks to my friend. I thought to myself, my God this guy’s cool and very good looking. And then soon after that, there’s Kagi no Kakatta Heya. Ohno was very amazing there and I’ve enjoyed the drama from episode 1 down to its movie special. From there, I’ve decided to finally do research about this amazing actor. And I found the fishing leader of ARASHI. I can’t believe at first that Matsujun, that gorgeous actor from Platina Data, and that amazing actor of Enomoto Kei, are members of the same group.

So to make the story short, I’ve become their fan after being hooked by Ohchan’s bait and discovered another two cool guys to complete the group of 5. And after 9 months of continued research about all of ARASHI, I’ve summarized my reasons into 3 why I love this group so much.

1. As what I’ve already said, they are AMAZING. Where on Earth can you find another boy group with individual members oozing with talents (J.E. groups, yes)? Excluding singing, dancing, and acting, this group is consist of an Artist (painting, clay sculpture; and has already hosted his solo exhibition called Freestyle), a casual choreographer, and a fisher man who’s special talent is to sleep anywhere. Then there’s a song writer, a casual composer who can play the piano and the guitar while sweating and still looks so gorgeous with his soprano voice. An absolute game maniac and an avid reader of mangas. Another one’s a rapper, a newscaster, a sincere host, and an intelligent, hot university graduate. Another member is not just a performer, but also a concert director who invented the moving stage, and now Arashi’ moving wing and was the one who saved the group from their dark times. And lastly, a baka but with absolute competitiveness who tried challenging world records before.
My goodness. Just thinking about those description makes me fall inlove with ARASHI all over again (like thinking about why you love your boyfriend). It seems like a lot of people, but all those talents and abilities are summed up to only 5 people.

2. When I first became their fan, I’ve tried to remind myself countless times that these guys are not comedians but singers and dancers. However sometimes, I really tend to forget that simple fact because they really are HILARIOUS. Oh, please don’t get me started on their variety shows. I know that they have their scripts. But those words wouldn’t come alive if they don’t know how to act them out naturally. There are Ohchan’s cute facial expressions and lovely talks about fishing, Nino’s comments, costumes and magic tricks, Sho-chan’s epic failures on VSA, Jun’s coolness that sometimes could also be funny in some ways, and of course don’t forget Aiba-chan’s English. Looking back to those episodes from their different variety shows, I could never help but smile or even laugh. ARASHI sure did gave me good things to remember that are very helpful when I feel stressed or sometimes depressed. They are indeed, as others say, ADORKABLE.

3. And when they get serious… Of course I became an Arashi fan because I love music so much and I am very interested in Japanese music and the reason for that is another long topic. Anyway, these guys’ voice are really great and It always amazes me how their voice quality during lives or concerts is not far from their recorded songs even with them running around, shouting to their fans or even with the presence of the cold rain. Of course, other performers can do that as well especially those with proper trainings like Arashi. But Arashi is really different, in a very fun way and in a way I don’t know how to describe. I guess that’s a part only Arashians can understand. Then there’s their astounding concerts that was once described by one Japanese comedian as a festival. Indeed it is, because one won’t just come in there to sit and watch.

Surely, there are more than 3 reasons why I love Arashi very much. And even though they are not the newest and hottest artist in the world, I’m proud to say that I’m an Arashian.

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[Credits to the editor/owner of this picture]

Arashi never tries to act cool, and are willing to do anything for the sake of entertainment even when it means them looking like idiots. They never complain even through all the works that are thrown their way (according to their directors). And even with all the fame, they are still very humble, no doubt to that even if I don’t have enough evidences because I can always see the sincerity in their eyes. Best example is their Blast in Hawaii concert when Ohchan and Aiba cried during the concert while expressing their gratitude. Nino said that they are very thankful for everyone through all the 15 years of support that saying thank you countless times seems to have lost its sincerity and seems like a lie now. That’s why sometimes they can’t help but cry because their gratefulness is already beyond words.

The expressions in their faces and the shine in their eyes told me about their sincerity. That’s also one of the many reasons why I love these bakas so much. And once I came to love and support an artist, I know to myself that I’d never stop from being their fan especially when I have a clear and good reason and unless they’d give me a deep reason to stop. So I know, that if Arashi will only change for the better and not for the worst, I’d follow them until the end.

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