August 25th, 2015

aira ninoyama

[BLOG POST] Lifetime “Aibou” (Shout out Love!)

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I’m just 19, and sometimes I can’t believe that I’m already picturing my future family. I’m sure this is the result of ARASHI’s new single “Ai wo Sakebe”. As what Ohchan said in ARASHI DISCOVERY, it’s a groom’s song to his bride. Watching the PV preview where ARASHI actually invaded a real wedding made me think of my future wedding as well. Right at this moment, I’m single and I still can’t picture anyone else as my husband other than Yamada Ryosuke. *giggles*

Well actually, a few months ago, I was head-over-heals inlove with Nino as a fangirl, but after that interview when ARASHI said these lines:

OHCHAN : I think that even if I do fall in love with a fan, I will hold myself back. I wouldn't confess. Because a fan is supposed to be a fan! Furthermore, to just give that fan all the love with her identity as a fan, I think its rude thing for other fans.

MASAKI : Hmmm, but that is still a one sided thing right. If that were so, I would be leave my feeling at that. Since if I am to like her. I want to treat everyone on an equal level. I can't just love that one fan.

JUN : Hmmm, no. Certainly, I love my fans, it's not that I dislike them, but I treat my fans as my family members. Therefore, I don't hold any feelings of love towards them.

NEEN : Even if that happens, I will do nothing. Because it's impossible for me to be dating a fan.

SHO : That's a difficult situation, but i think I would reject. Because a fan is a fan, you can't go beyond that relationship.

… I decided to move on. Well, it really is IMPOSSIBLE for a fan to be able to date her idol especially for someone like me who’s living over seas and coast to coast away from where they were living. But even after that rejection I still want to become Nino or Ohchan’s wife. >/////<

It’s kinda complicated but now I also want to be Yamada’s girl. *laughs* Simply because he’s younger than Nino and our ages are not too far away.

But let’s go to reality. No matter how much I love to be their wife, I have to get out of my fangirl paradise and face the fact that I have to get a real life. In all honesty, other than my Japanese idols, I don’t think I would want to marry any other Japanese men. The reason is that, as a child, I have always wanted my future children to have beautiful shades of blue or green eyes. I have always dream of marrying someone from the west (most especially European men). So if God really won’t permit me to marry my idols (which is most likely), then I guess I’ll aim for my childhood dream. And to make that come true, of course I have to go out from this country.

Of course I won’t deny the fact that we really can’t choose who to love in the future. God has already someone in his mind for us. Perhaps someday, I’ll end up marrying a fellow Filipino instead. But since the future is unpredictable, I guess it’s not bad to dream of specific persons to marry in the future. Who knows? God might be considering our requests right now. *laughs*
“Lord, please make way for me and Ryosuke!” *prays fervently*

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the fangirl of your own husband? ^_____________^

Yes, this is how “Ai wo Sakebe” is affecting me. It’s making me think ahead. Anyway, I can’t wait for the single’s release on Sept. 2!
The chereography is sooo cute!