September 8th, 2015

aira ninoyama

Ohno Satoshi wallpapers

I actually made these a few months ago. I’m not good at editing. HAHA
I just made some wallies according to my own desire and for the purpose of displaying Ohchan in my desktop. hihihi ~
I’m just sharing them. ^_^

Please don’t remove watermark. :D
aira ninoyama

[HSJUMP] JUMPing CAR Recording Eng subbed

♪ Nice to meet you, baby – my midsummer’s sweetest honey … ♪

HaHA! That line keeps on coming back in my head. It’s the first thing I memorized from this song. Well anyway, this is another VERY VERY late upload and post.

I really didn’t intend to sub this one, but there might be Tobikkos who haven’t seen the cuteness and adorableness of this recording footage yet, like Daiki spilling the water before getting a sip. xD

And let me present to you my definition of a “gorgeous smile”. ¯¯¯

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