September 29th, 2015

aira ninoyama

[HSJUMP] RADIO – 7 Ultra Power with Yamada Ryosuke [2015.03.01]

Domo ~ !

Because I love Yama-chan so much, I brought you one of Hey! Say! 7’s Ultra Power with Yama-chan. This is an 18-minute radio program with 6 different segments. This is quiet long and it took me some time to finish this one. But I enjoyed working on this because Yama-chan’s voice is ringing in my ears. Kyaaaa ~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥

I swear I love his humor and the sound of his laughter. ♡♡♡ (。・//ε//・。)
*clears throat*

Despite Yama-chan’s “I don’t know” answers (haha!), there are quite a few things we can learn from him here. And I think it’s best if you’d read the notes bellow first before listening to the program.
Well anyway, here you go. DOZO! ^______^

♡ watch (fb stream)

☆ 1st segment:     - Tsunderera : A mix of “tsundere” and “Cinderella”
☆ 2nd segment: VS Joshi (VS Girls)
                           - Ikemen : Someone who is cool / handsome
☆ 3rd segment: Hakken! Ai no Arika (Found! Ai no Arika)
                           - Ai no Arika : like the title of the song, it means “proof of love”
                           - Fushigi (-chan) : “fushigi” means “mysterious”
☆ 4th segment: Mei Tantei Ryosuke (Detective Ryosuke)
☆ 5th segment: JUMP Top 3
                           - Konban Nurarihyon : A way to say “Good evening”,
                              Nurarihyon is a youkai (monster or spirit in japanese folklore)
☆ 6th segment: The Best 7
                           - Konban nu nu nu : As if you said “Good evening ning ning ning!”

ღ translations from: sekairiinu @ tumblr
ღ raw from: youtube