October 30th, 2015


[BLOGPOST] One Fangirl’s Random Thoughts #3

Opinion on Hey! Say! JUMP’s recent singles

credit on watermark

Recently, somebody complained about JUMP’s Kimi Attraction. She said that even though the single and the PV are actually lovely, she is disappointed that JUMP is maintaining a cutesy image lately in their singles (e.g. Chau# & Kirakira Hikare) It feels like their true potential is being hidden and underestimated and that they should release more genres like Ride With Me or Arigatou ~ Sekai no doko ni ittemo or SUPER DELICATE.

I agree with her. To be honest, I’ve had the same thoughts ever since the announcement of KimiAto. When I think about JUMP’s music, those kind of songs would first hit my mind because those songs are the reason why I first fell in love with their music. And if I’m asked to suggest any of JUMP’s songs, I’d give those titles including Over, Forever, Beat Line, Bounce, Boys don’t stop, and the likes. I’m really into the cool songs and I think I love how it gives JUMP the very “kakkoii” aura and image.

That’s why when I first listened to KimiAto, the very first coupling song that appealed to me was NEW AGE. We do have different tastes in music, but that’s what I think about this. And seeing that girl’s opinion told me that there are fangirls who have the same mindset as me. Of course, don’t get me wrong. I still love JUMP’s cute songs, and those are actually the songs that I usually memorize first because they are pretty catchy.

So then, looking at the bright side, Kimi Attraction actually led JUMP to the top of Oricon charts beating their own record sales before. And in that, I have no complaints, just pure appreciation. ♥