November 3rd, 2015



I would like to clear up some misunderstanding and answer some people’s unspoken curiosity.
My journal – which is named bluestorm11 is DIFFERENT to the facebook page called BLUESTORM.

In all honesty, when I made my journal last 2014, I absolutely have NO IDEA about the Arashi-CNBlue page in fb called BLUEStorm. The reason why I named my journal bluestorm11 is that because at that time, I was really crazy towards Ohchan (ARASHI’s leader: Ohno Satoshi) and is currently on the dilemma of choosing my ichiban in ARASHI between him & Nino. Besides that, my favorite color is BLUE. When I made my account in LJ, I was not a tobikko yet so I added the word STORM which is the translation of the word ARASHI (in case you don’t know). And lastly, my favorite number is 11.
…and so the reason why it’s bluestorm11.

Later then I found out about that page in fb because one of my Arashian friends is an admin there. Trust me, I really wanted to change my name in LJ but unfortunately, I have to pay for it. And because my blogging is just for fun and not for career purposes, I’m not willing to pay anything at all.
So yeah, I just have to accept that fact. That’s all. Thanks ~ !