November 7th, 2015

aira ninoyama

[HSJUMP] Kimi Attraction LIVE Eng subbed

Domo! ^^
I know this is late, but I really wanted to post these so... yeah, nevermind. xDD
Well, I worked on these during my reviews for our bookkeeping exams that's why it's late. I actually finished these last week but I was really too busy. TT^TT ...and I don't know why I'm explaining myself. HAHA!

Well anyway, fonts changed for now. My laptop's giving me a hardtime. And  no streaming links too since connection-san won't also cooperate. I feel like they're working together against me. ( TAT)

So if you're interested, download links are one-scroll away! ^___________________^

[2015.10.14] Hey! Say! JUMP Kimi Attraction Live @ Little Tokyo Life


[2015.10.17] Hey! Say! JUMP Kimi Attraction LIVE @ CDTV

[2015.10.18] Hey! Say! JUMP Kimi Attraction LIVE @ School Kakumei

[2015.10.21] Hey! Say! JUMP Kimi Attraction LIVE @ SC Premium

[2015.10.22] Hey! Say! JUMP Kimi Attraction LIVE @ Itadaki High Jump

[2015.10.23] Hey! Say! JUMP Kimi Attraction LIVE @ Music Station

Sorry, this one's crappy. I can't seem to find a better raw. It's either, I'm too busy or I'm just too busy. xDD
But if you want to download it anyway... dozo ~
I included a few seconds talk with ARASHI before the performance, by the way. ^^

That's about all. And sorry, I REALLY HAVE ENOUGH KIMI ATTRACTION FOR NOW. I probably won't listen to the song for weeks. HAHA! My ear's numb from it already! xDD I'll go with the couplings for the meantime.
And sorry for flooding my fiance's beautiful face in the screenshots. He's just so worth it. hihihi :3 ...and I'm not really sorry though. :P