January 31st, 2016

aira ninoyama

Happy Birthday Kota Yabu !!

Before I start ranting, complaining, and crying (because I'm having a frustrating day), let me say this first...

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When i first started becoming a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP, I wouldn't be honest if I say I didn't notice him immediately, because I did. I really did. He was one of the first members that caught my attention as a newbie fan last year. If I was staring at Dai-chan and Rysouke from the front, I was also looking at him in hindsight. HAHA! xDD

...and this is the number one thing I noticed about him:

credit to the owner (I knew I'm not alone with this!) xDD

That is why I always say that Kota's smile is definitely my favorite kind of smile. It's like the most adorable thing in JUMP (not considering Dai-chan's penguinism or Ryosuke's reactions... xDD). His smile is just too cute I can fangirl it everyday! ( * w * ) And it's actually the picture inside my mind every time I remember him or I think of him. I sure do hope it remains the same way forever.
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Sadly though, we can't deny the fact you can't see too many Yabu-ichibaners everyday. But surely, there are those fans that loves him so much to the depths of their kokoros. Personally, I think Kota deserves more than just how the agency gives him right now. I don't know a lot of things about him, but I do know that he's talented enough to do more. Well, that's my opinion there. ^^

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So from here on, let's cheer him more enthusiastically, like how he cheered Ryosuke before:

(except for the weird wig maybe... xD)
Kota-kun, my wish for you today is that may you have the greatest day of your year. I hope you'll be filled with happiness and love from the people around you today. And I hope that somehow you'll realized that you have international fangirls supporting you. Thank you for being the great onii-san of Hey! Say! JUMP and from this year too, please do your best! <3
PS: I'm so in love with your smile and your height!

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Once Again, OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU Kou-chan !!! <3