March 26th, 2016


Happy 26th Birthday Yuya Takaki !!

Another birthday post this year! ^____________^)/
So before anything else ...


(c) tenshion-appuru

(c) takakiyuya

My first impression...
To be honest, I really dunno why but somehow, he really looks like Oguri Shun to me sometimes. Other times, he reminds me of Yamapi. lols. But of course most of the time, I see him as just Yuya Takaki, the sexy guy with a cool and cute personality.

I don't have to much to say, but let's go have a short Yuyan gif parade !! (^ w ^)\/
(I explored Tumblr for this!) xDD

So what's up lately Takaki-kun?
Oh, their latest PV ! Sayonara Sensation.

(c) pinpin-wonderland
kakkoii desu ne !! <3
And now something from their latest concert DVD, JUMPing CARNIVAL.
(c) pureeu622
(Boys) TAKAKI Don't Stop !! xD

(c) takakiyuya

And Oh, the cute tsundere INU-ya Takaki from THAT pet shop!

(c) chocovanilla94

He's rather oishii than the food though! (T A T

(c) tenshion-appuru

nande sono kami wa ....?!!! <3

(c) tenshion-appuru

JUST BEING COOL (choo ikemen!!)

(c) onionskytree

SEXY !!!

(c) missagent


(c) kisumaiyan

AND PRETTY ???!! (T ^ T
WHATEVER Takaki-kun !!! As long as your happy... ^^

(c) missagent


Alright, I'm already pulling an all-nighter here which I unexpectedly can't take anymore. HAHA! xD
So lastly, I subbed a throwback LIVE from Shounen Club back in 2011, Yuya performing Kumo no Ito. Watch it HERE!

Well, I can only wish this guy millions of smiles today! <3
That's all, BaiBai ~ !!

(Sorry about all that, my head's really spinning right now... but I sincerely wanna greet him first before going to bed.) <3
PS: I'll post Sayonara Sensation's PV including the raw as soon as I'm done subbing it. ^^ jaa ~ !