June 17th, 2016

aira ninoyama

Happy 33rd Birthday Nino!

I've been around facebook and twitter all day posting about how amazing Nino is that I don't know what to say here anymore. haha. So to start, let me greet my Arashi ichiban again.

Happy 33rd Birthday Nino !!

I want to extend my "omedetou" not just to Nino, but also to his mom for giving birth to such a wonderful, good looking, very talented, and a capable son. I can still clearly remember the time when I first felt that unusual tug inside me caused by Nino. That night I was watching Nino's performance of Niji during AAA 2008 in Kokuritsu. Since then I have always love this brat and Niji became my favorite Nino solo song.

I actually have so much to say about Nino that I don't know where to begin. So to save myself from drowning to so much feels, I'd just keep those unspoken thoughts and inspiration inside me.

Today, I just want to wish Nino overflowing blessings and that may happiness continues to stay with him. He'd been through so many setbacks, trials, and doubts among other things. But the fact that he reached another year of his precious life with so many wonderful trails behind him is really something to celebrate. And with those, we can expect and look forward more wonderful years for him and his family. I'm so proud of Nino and takes pride of the fact that he is my ichiban though some people can never appreciate him. We don't know how he celebrated his day today, but I want to believe he had a day full of smiles.

I'm so glad I got to know about such a wonderful guy like Nino whose humor is so unique I can cry. lols. It's true that he is Arashi's forever 17 brat who loves games and money, but it's also a fact that he's the one who wrote and composed those beautiful songs. And I believe that the lyrics reflects the heart of the one who wrote them. (∩_∩)

A few days ago I did a video countdown for Nino in facebook. You can check them out there and if you're interested, you can also download them from facebook. They are all subbed and public though some of them are not mine. Due to the recent events of copyright violations, I've deleted most of the videos I've uploaded in fb including those below. However, I will re-upload the videos and provide download link here. Please note that some of these are not mine and I take absolutely no credit for them. Credits goes to all its respective owners.

Kazunari Ninomiya Level Up JOURNEY OF SPIRITS
(From Arashi All Or Nothing 2002)

Video #10
HIMITSU Recording & Making of ONE footage (2005)

Video #9
NIJI - Nino's solo from Arashi's Summer Tour 2007 "Time ~Kotoba no Chikara~" (2007)

Video #8
NIJI - Nino's solo from Arashi Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo (Kokuritsu)
HIMITSU - Nino's solo from Arashi Around Asia + Dome 2008

Video #6
Kotoba Yori Taisetsuna Mono - Nino's solo from Arashi Anniversay Tour 5x10 Concert in Kokuritsu (2009)

Video #5
1992*4##111 - Nino's solo from Arashi Scene Tour in Kokuritsu (2010-2011)

Video #4
Doko ni demo aru uta - Nino's solo in Arashi's Beautiful World concert (2011)

Video #3
GIMMICK GAME - Nino's solo in Arafes 2012

Video #2
Sore wa yappari kimi deshita - Nino's solo in Arashi's Popcorn concert (2013)

Video #1
20825 Nichi Me no Kyoku - Nino's solo in Arashi's LOVE concert (2014)

pw: ninoLOVEsolo

Again, ♪ OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU dear Kazu ! ☆\(^ω^\)