August 6th, 2016

aira ninoyama


Hey everyone!

Since the release of JUMP's latest album, DEAR., I have decided to lock my files. Yes, files... not my posts, but the files themselves. I'm sorry if this is really bothering (I think so too), but I can't think of anything better as a measurement to secure myself from JE's sharp claws aside from locking my posts—which defeats my purpose of sharing/spreading Arashi & JUMP love to everyone. (╥_╥)

Actually, just a few days ago, when we all thought that the JE reporting issues in FB had already died down, we received another copyright complaint in our page (Hey! Say! JUMP World) for a JUMP PV. We already decided to delete all the PVs uploaded in the page before, but since there's so many videos uploaded there, perhaps the admins missed that one and JE found it. My scare meter went up once again, and that was what drag me to come up with another alternative. Yes. That is locking my files in a password-protected archieve (e.g. rar, zip).

Yes, I know it's troublesome but if you all don't want to see me hanged upside down by JE, please bear with me.

I will still f-lock some of my posts after a week or so.

I always provide everything in my post because I'm not online in LJ everyday, so please refrain from asking me for it every time. I have hidden it in white font BESIDES the words "rar pw:". Make sure to copy it properly and completely without extra spaces to be certain that it will work. DO NOT COPY THE WORD "rar pw". Others made that mistake that's why it didn't work. Before I make a post, I always double check the files and that I can assure you they are 99.99999% functional. (Nothing's perfect. lols)

And before you ask me why the file is corrupted, make sure first that the download didn't got cut halfway due to connection traffic or reset.

If you've checked everything but is still having trouble, send me a private message.

That's all. I hope you guys understand my situation. Have a nice day!
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[RAVE] Fangirls... gotta catch 'em all!

One fangirl down (again)! ... thousands more to go!

Now a hand for JE for sucessfully making FB block my fangirling account!

(anime: Hyouka | gif © to owner)

So, just hours after my last journal entry about locking my files, when I tried to log in to my FB account for the first time today, I received yet another copyright strike. And this time, it's not just one, but two reports... and not just on another fanpage I'm managing but now also including my account.

GOOD JOB JE STAFFS! Your technology for detecting copyright strikes is working well!

Aww... it's okay Miku-chan. I'm not really as sad as I thought I would be. It's only 3 days. Though I have to admit I really felt nervous for my beloved fangirling account. I guess JE also checked on the accounts of the admins of the pages.

Okay, I made the mistake of not deleting ALL the videos I've uploaded in FB before. When I was deleting the vids then (during the time when the copyright issues were still hot), I left the videos I've subbed with good stats because I thought it was really a waste to delete them. So now FB did it for me. haha. I think I was just feeling narcissistic during that time. I should've really deleted everything. My bad.

I'm not really angry at JE. I perfectly understand. No hard feelings. Just doing our job, ma'am.

Hai. Wakatta!

I'm just a bit disappointed for having some fangirl pleasure ruined. HAHAHA! Well, sorry for this very worthless post.

Why am I having a bad feeling that Hayate Ayasaki's misfortunes are also coming to me. I hope not.
But still... no matter what happens, I love Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, and SCANDAL! (T▽T)
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