August 30th, 2016

aira ninoyama

Happy 33rd Birthday Jun Matsumoto!

OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU J ~ !! 513813.gif

Arashi's youngest member has now reached his 33rd year! *sobs* They're all so mature now, and unfairly, their faces doesn't equate with their ages. lols.

To be honest, I didn't know if I can post something for J today since I've faced a lot of problems this month and my PC finally reached the after life. (I'm still mourning on it's burial.) Fangirling has been really hard since then. However, my feelings for Arashi and our birthday boy gave me the power to be able to think of ideas just so I can express my heartfelt greetings for him today. So here I am! I call it the Power of an Arashian's love!

My birthday wish for J is no other than Happiness itself. True Happiness. The kind that will stay in his heart for the rest of his lifetime. I know he's happy right now, but we don't really know what kind of hardships he is facing each day. But with the strength of this true happiness, J would be able to be strong and continue for its sake. Ne?

Over seas and coast to coast, J, I want you to know that there are girls here who loves you so much. I hope you'll have a blast today. From here on too, please continue to do your best and surprise us with your great ideas!

And as what I've said in FB this morning, no article in Wikipedia can ever be accurate enough to describe how awesome you are!

DEAR LE1.png

(c) junsfridge

DO IT J ~ ! xD

So like Sho-chan... H! B! D! MatsuJun !! ^0^

And lastly, here are some awesome edits I found in tumblr.
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Have a fabulous Purple Day !!