October 27th, 2016

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[ALBUM] ARASHI - Are You Happy?

【Are You Happy?】
15th album
The album expresses "The current ARASHI according to ARASHI"
Release Date: 2016.10.26

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DL: MG * decryption key: !hP1r-xTXIjCaa0LpUa8xSbcBdyaJEBYi4YSp-rF9FqE
Mirror: MG * decryption key: !Rkl718w0pZTFg7yKntvw5fenizXN6fE17sqRQKgoejM

file size: 169.6MB

01. DRIVE —Supervised by Matsumoto Jun
02. I seek
03. Ups and Downs
04. 青春ブギ (Seishun Boogie) —Supervised by Aiba Masaki
05. Sunshine —Sakurai solo
06. 復活LOVE (Fukkatsu LOVE)
07. Amore —Aiba solo
08. Bad Boy —Ohno solo
09. WONDER-LOVE —Supervised by Ninomiya Kazunari
10. また今日と同じ明日が来る (Mata Kyou to Onaji Asu ga Kuru) —Ninomiya solo
11. Daylight
12. 愛を叫べ (Ai wo sakebe)
13. Baby Blue —Matsumoto Solo
14. Miles away —Supervised by Ohno Satoshi
15. To my homies —Supervised by Sakurai Sho
16. Don’t You Get It

File Source: 私の友達

I will sub the PV but it'll be late due to holidays. I have be out. It's a family thing, can't be help. xDD

So, are you happy?
As for me, in a deeper sense, until now I couldn't answer the question. I've been pondering about this ever since the announcement of the album. Well, along the way, I realized that life is divided with aspects and point of views. So in some aspects of my life, because of this 5 adorkable men, my answer would be "Yes, I'm happy."

How about you?


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[SINGLE] Hey! Say! JUMP - Fantastic Time

Hey! Say! JUMP 「Fantastic Time」
17th Single
Used as opening song for the anime Time Bokan 24
Released Date: 2016.10.26

In the "present" that connects the past and the future, let your heart beat with excitement as you charge forward powerfully. That's the message of this powerful song!!
— Johnnys net

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[Wanna have a FANTASTIC TIME?]
Mirror: MG *decryption key: !5mlItee74A7Dr_7HvWUUy5wkPV8DyRU7tOxQO_kyzpA

File size: 42.2MB

01. Fantastic Time
02. Never Let You Go
03. ワンダーロード (Wonder Road)
04. 静寂の朝、君といる世界。 (Seijaku no Asa, Kimi to Iru Sekai.)
05. What A Feeling
(I've omitted the karaoke tracks.)

File Source: 私の友達

I will sub the PV but it'll be late due to holidays. I have to be out. It's a family thing, can't be help. xDD

I love this single so much! Fantastic Time is truly fantastic! I have always loved it ever since the members played the song from their radio programs. I'm sure listening to this single will really give us a fantastic time!