November 14th, 2016

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[Translation] Chihiro's Wedding Story 02

Domooo ~ Here's the promised 2nd part! ^^
Sorry, I was so busy over the weekend.

This one is really moving. At first, it was just an admiration to Chihiro nee-sama because she's Ryosuke's beautiful big sis, but now, I think I'm already her fan. ( ; ____ ; )
I wonder if I'll cry the same amount of tears on the day of my own wedding. xDD

Again, I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! Photo credits goes to Chihiro Yamada and

I'd be glad to learn from corrections, so if you have some, please don't hesitate to message me. ^^
Translations are mine, but I'm not a translator. xD

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chihirosweddingstory…02 ♡Wedding Ceremony♡
Written by Yamada Chihiro-san (2016.10.23 | 16.00.39)

Before the actual ceremony, I've had my first meet with papa and mama.

Me and my groom were on the chapel, and when the door opened

There infront of us were my parents.

And even on the moment when I saw them, my tears overflowed.

Because it was also the first time that I saw my dad's crying appearance.

There were a lot of things happening too fast.

Before the actual ceremony, with a lot of my family crying, which is unusual, and all the people gathered on the venue

I was told that I was crying the whole time with everyone. lol

I already cried a lot, but ,,,
Even on the actual ceremony, well, I also cried.

My mom who told me "congratulations" with my veil down.

My dad who walked me down the Virgin Road (wedding aisle).

Our friends and family who are watching over us.

The friends who shed their tears. And also the family.

The overly serious groom. lol

Every moment was truly a treassured one.

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3rd and 4th part soon! otanoshimi ni ~~ ^^


aira ninoyama

[Translation] Chihiro's Wedding Story 03

Here's part 3 !! Yaaaaay ~ xD
This one's a bit longer than the other 2, but it's also quite fun to read. Chihiro nee-sama's favorite wedding song actually gave me goosebumps. ( ;  ___ ; ) Nice choice, nee-sama!

I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! Photo credits goes to Chihiro Yamada and

Feel free to correct any mistakes. ^^
And then again, translations are mine, but I'm not a translator. xD

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chihirosweddingstory…03 ♡Reception♡
Written by Yamada Chihiro-san (2016.10.29 | 17.00.44)

This is the opening movie on the reception ♡

I even uploaded the video in Instagram, but it's the memorable flower for the two of us.

It is a photo taken in the sunflower field. ♡

We had it taken by our close friend Yagi-chan. ♡♡

The song that matched this was

"Shut Up and Dance" by WALK THE MOON

The tempo is really great because it's such a good song, that's why it's easy to listen to ♪

After that, the entrance song was "yell" by Choutokkyuu
(You can watch/listen to the song HERE.)

My favorite wedding song.

It was also used as a theme song for a drama,

That drama is really great we can watch and symphatize to it, and the song too is really beautiful, it has a cheerful taste to it like us, so I chose this.

"I want you to use Instagram to comment on it" was the comment I received. ♡♡

"It's finally here" It seems that everyone from behind (the doors) were counting from 10-seconds. ♡

It was exciting and nerve-wracking

Our planners took us off with a "Go and please enjoy"

And then the doors opened.

How can I express it ,,,

It was a very incredible moment.

There  was an important bridegroom greeting at the beginning of the reception.

I've said it well!

I was too nervous at the wedding ceremony, I was frozen like a robot and my groom laughed so hard at me but it seems that I'm rather relaxed that moment.

I'm glad I practiced hard until 3 AM. lol

The toast has ended,

It was chat time, slicing of the cke, and then the first bite.

The fun time passed in a blink of an eye!

With the same 109 Writer's Takai Koko-chan

The groom's face is a little spaced-out but,

His best asset is his clumsycute side, so please forgive him, okay lol

<T/N: The word was buchakawa = "busaiku de kawaii" = clumsy and cute (I think 'ugly' is too much. Thus I traslated it as 'clumsycute'. xD >

I really really had fun, that I can't even handle the food well.

<T\N: Laughing a lot to the point of shaking out of energy>

And then almost immediately, it's already time for changing of outfit.

We've taken a lot of photos together with everyone that I love. To be honest, I want to place it all here, but I can only put these much. (´••)シュン…

At the exit, with a little surprise, I called my little sister.

We left together. ♡

At that time on the exit, the song playing was "Nijiiro" by Ayaka-san.
I want to do this warm and gentle song.

To be continued ♡
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I'll translate the 4th and last part as soon as I get another free time! ^^