December 2nd, 2016

aira ninoyama

Maybe I'm on HIATUS, I don't know anymore ... (︶︹︺)

Hello everyone !
I'm here to drop a sad blabbing, a birthday greetings, and a proper apology.

Let me begin with my birthday greetings..

Happy Birthday HIKARU-kun !!<33

Gosh, I don't even have an edited photo. (⋟﹏⋞)
But I really wish you all the good things Hikaru-kun.. I'm sorry I'm too busy to give you the proper attention and love I always give my idols even if they aren't my bias during their birthdays. I really feel sad about it, but real life events are inevitable. (T⌓T)

And if any of you even noticed, I wasn't able to write something here during Ohchan and Chii-chan's birthdays.

2nd, a proper apology.

This is about the Cain and Abel subs that we promised. I'm really sorry for the disappointment, but I'm not sure anymore if we'll still continue. If you ask me, I'm willing to sacrifice a lot for a project that concerns Ryosuke. Unfortunately, it's not like that for the team. We haven't in contact for so many weeks now and I got tired of timing for no progress. Last week, I asked them if they are sill planning to continue, and they responded positively, but until now we still have nothing. So now I'm assuming that they really have no plans anymore.

That's why let me properly apologize to everyone who waited for us. This event really discouraged me to collaborate with anyone in the future. I swore to study more Nihongo and do all the subbing alone next time. ಠ╭╮ಠ

Again, I'm sorry. If you're disappointed with me/us, well, triple that and you'll know how I feel.

3rd, a sad blabbing...

Am I on hiatus? Like the title suggests, I just don't know anymore. I'm on and off in the fandom for one common reason: I'M SO SO BUSY. In between my college graduation, school activities, exams, and part-time job, the only time I have left are the evenings. And since I'm not nocturnal, I cannot sacrifice sleep at all. It's my only mercy for myself. And to add to the hardships, a very slow internet connection.


A few days ago, I got a request to sub SCANDAL's Halloween performance. I would really love to do this one. I'm even planning for this even before the request, because I realized I haven't done any subbing for SCANDAL for so long now. But the problem again is what I've mentioned above. I'm just too busy.

I will still do it though. IF !If the raw vid is still alive by the time I get available. (If it doesn't get taken down by copyright)

Anyway, I'm currently subbing SCANDAL's 10th Anniversary concert and is planning to give it to the fandom as a New Year's gift. Look forward to it ! (•‿•)

So that's about all I have to say. Maybe I'm on hiatus, maybe I'm not.. but I'll try to be active again soon.

Sore jaa ~~ ( ・_・)ノ