December 27th, 2020


Fab! -Music speaks.- Album MVs


Please be reminded that beginning 2021, JP has a new (ammended?) copyright law and we don't know yet what changes they're making and how it is going to directly affect us. As uncertain as that, file sharing is highly risky right now. Please help protect our fellow generous fans who are giving you free contents at their own expense by strictly adhering to their set rules.

Also, starting January 1, all my posts that include download links will automatically be friend-locked and adding more mutuals is going to be a lot more stricter (as in I'm going to ask to see your personal account to see if I'm adding sincere fellow fans and not rule breakers and/or copyright cops).

That being said, please read the rules carefully.

DO NOT UPLOAD THE VIDEOS ANYWHERE (Everything you get from me are for your own entertainment only. If you want to share contents with your friend, do it offline.)
DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE MY LINKS (It increases the risk of copyright strikes!)
DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE MY FILES BY RE-UPLOADING AND CLAIMING AS YOURS (It endangers you as well and is very rude to me and my efforts in sharing)

Let's help each other keep the fandom alive and peaceful. flower_54.gif

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