January 2nd, 2021

nino - party starters

Love Love For You ARASHI !!

Heya everyone!!

Akemashite Omedetou!
Happy New Year!

May we all have a better and greater year ahead.

I finally have the courage to post something today after being able to purchase a ticket for the repeat of This Is online concert. To be honest, I felt so down since last December 31 until just a few hours ago. I didn't cry at ARASHI's last day because I wasn't able to watch the live concert for personal reasons and I literally didn't have energy for anything. With a heavy heart, I just slept through the New Year's countdown. It's sad to say but I also couldn't get my hype up for my other favorite artists' appearance in Kohaku (especially it's YOASOBI's first appearance). ARASHI is my ichiban after all. All the tears that couldn't flow that day stayed heavy inside my heart. However today, if I wasn't able to meet up with my friends, I woudn't have been able to decide to purchase a ticket for the repeat viewing of the concert this coming weekends. One of them offered me their credit card and another one offered their home wifi for my use. I felt so blessed that it lifted the heavyness in my heart. I felt like I've finally let go of a breath I've held since December 31. Thank GOD, I can still watch ARASHI's final concert even if it's just a repeat. I thought I needed to watch it to have the courage to face the coming days without ARASHI as a group.

ARASHI means so sooooooo much to me for so many reasons. For one, they are my fangirling starting point. They've open my eyes about Japanese entertainment beyond the anime world. I wouldn't have been able to become the fangirl ME today (which is my favorite version of myself) if I haven't discovered them! Perhaps, I also wouldn't have discovered Hey! Say! JUMP and Johnny's Entertainment in general if it wasn't for them. They will always be my number one favorite artist in the world!

One happy memory I'm going to hold on forever is being able to participate in two of the fan projects that the fandom made for ARASHI as [temporary] parting gift. And apparently according to Nino, Sho, and Jun in This Is 嵐 concert, ARASHI actually watched our videos! They said that they were really moved that many foreign fans sang in Japanese. I am really just happy to know that our feelings reached them and hope that it will become one of the reasons for them to definitely come back someday soon. If you haven't already you may watch the videos below.

5 x Infinity Project:
Using the song 5x20 tune, the lyrics was changed into fans' message for ARASHI.

The ONION Project:
Using the song The Music Never Ends made into a virtual choir.

Lastly, thank you dear fellow Arashian or to anyone for reading my thoughts up to this point. I'd be lying if I say I'm feeling good now, but I definitely felt better. Hopefully I'd be able to sincerely smile about the hiatus soon and give ARASHI my full support without feeling sad. For now, I'm just gonna binge watch all my unwatched AniShi, VSA, and all ARASHI-related videos.

To my fellow Arashians, KITTO DAIJOUBU!

Stay strong. Stay healthy.
And once again, Happy New Year!