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Kimi ga koishikute koishikute...Ryosuke, tanjoubi omedetou

Baby, looking in your eyes Oh yeah
Please return my gaze

― Ignition

(c) watermark

So it's finally his birthday. The idol who is not just an ichiban to me, but also the first idol whom I think I'm in love with. The idol who is not just an inspiration, but also a dream I'm seeing every turns the sun and the moon makes. The guy who doesn't even know I exist, yet has become the core of my world. My one sided love.

I don't even know where to begin, so for starters, let me greet him.

Ryosuke Yamada, otanjoubi omedetou.

Let me thank and congratulate Yamada family first and foremost. To his wonderful parents whom nurtured and have taken care of him ever since he was just a fetus inside his mom's womb up to this point and even to the future him, omedetou guzaimasu for having such a great son. I know more than anyone else in this world, you are the most proud of him and I really wanna tell you both that I'm so grateful that a Ryosuke Yamada exists in this world. And that's because of you. Omedetou. Soshite, honto ni arigatou. And to his sisters who supported him in their own special ways, you were part of the happy family he was describing. Thank you for taking care of him. (PS: Chihiro nee-sama, kekkon omedetou!)

How did I ever get myself trapped in this tangled feelings for him? When I first discovered the name Ryosuke Yamada more than a year ago, I had this bad impression of him. At that time, I was beginning to get curious about JUMP and while hanging around Google, I saw this edited picture about how unfair his role is in the group. I could still remember the exact text edited in the photo: "Yamada & his back-up dancers". I was hurt not for him but for the other members behind him and even said. "The heck with this guy?" :/

Yup. I had a bad first impression about him. I first got to know his exact face after watching Come On A My House PV and the one thing I couldn't deny that time was: "Oh, so that's Yamada huh. Well, he's handsome indeed." But I never really care much about it because I was too focus on Dai-chan.

Then I became a Tobikko.

I applied the things I learned being in the Arashi fandom in here. I tried to learn about JUMP first before interacting with other fangirls and even forced myself to learn how to sub (which I succesfully did). And as days went by and as I got to know more about him through watching their varieties and reading various magazine translations, I didn't noticed I was beginning to be attached. And before I noticed it, he already became my ichiban, placing Daiki to be my ni.

Why? How come?

Well, I just realized that the picture I saw back then is a big fat lie. I realized that Ryosuke Yamada is not as lowly as haters would describe him. I think they're simply ignoring the existence of all his good sides or are simply ignorant about it. I would agree that it's unfair to have all the attentions directed towards him, but then it's not his fault. Once upon a time, he was just another Johnny's Jr. who just did his best and got noticed because he is naturally talented. As if all of JUMP's existence is still not enough to prove that. He's one of the few JE talents I saw who is REALLY good at dancing. (No offense to that, this is purely opinionated.) We have observed how much his voice turned beautifully throughout the years. He's acting too, have greatly improved proven by the rewards he received (I hope you've watched his latest movies). We have seen him improved so much in so many aspects. If the management decided to direct a brighter spotlight on him just for the reason of raising their revenues, well we really can't do anything about that. In the first place, this world and our lives are already unfair by default. The entertainment world is a race in itself, so we shouldn't really give ourselves too much reason to complain about equality. Ryosuke worked hard on his career.

But hey, that issue is already dying right? That's because these days, JE is giving other idols chances to shine in their brightest light. It can be observed now in the JUMP fandom that other members are also making their own spotlights. And the best example for that is Inoo-chan. ^^

To be honest, if I am to pour every little feelings I have for Ryosuke, I would never finish. I love him so much that everyday I seek to know him more. And after learning a lot about him, I can only conclude that he is a person with a big heart. If you don't believe that, you should read more. A lot of magazine interviews will prove that. (Sorry, to tired to site some)

The evolution of Yamada Ryosuke


He's so cute, so cool, and so hot. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS GUY?! (TAT)/

Even if I deliver this “I love you” to you one million times
In the end, you won’t give me a “YES”, but
I will deliver this “I love you” to you one more million times again
Oh love, please show me a way

― Ai yo boku wo michibiite yuke

Dear Ryosuke Yamada,

I am really thankful that you exist in this world. Thank you for joining the entertainment world and doing your best in it. Otherwise, I would've never know you. My feelings for you is one of the best things that I possessed and I'd take care of it until the very end. Happy birthday. I hope you'll have a blast today. I will support you towards infinite years, so please continue to do your best. I can only wish for true happiness to stay with you forever.

Unfortunately I haven't finished the fanvid I was making for him cuz my pc broke down. Maybe next year. xDD
Once again, Happy Birthday fiance!

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