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[BLOGPOST] Dreams are meant to be worked hard for (Birthday appreciation for miwa)

Some people are destined to become great while some people has to worked hard to become great.

When being torn to the decision of choosing between your "now" and your "tomorrow", how much can you sacrifice for your dream? As simple as how it looks, this question is actually hard for many people to answer... including me. And for someone who had answered this question the hard way, miwa gained my respect not just as a fan but also as a person. She's one of those few artists who genuinely inspired me to keep going. And since today is her birthday, I'd like to write a token of my appreciation for her.

Happy 26th birthday miwa!

miwa is a singer-song writer from Japan who wound her way up to reach the kind of career she has now. She fought through all the drawbacks of her dreams which eventually became an inspiration to some people now.

She started as normal high school student who loves to make music, and dreamed of becoming a solo artist to share her works with other people. Like other schools in Japan, her school also prohibits students to have part-time jobs and, at that time, has no light music club. For the sake of reaching her dreams, miwa has to break this rule, and in the process ended up sacrificing her happy and carefree young life by declining the invitations from her friends to hang out. That is because everyday after school, miwa has a gig in a small bar. She played the songs she had composed there and even did a self-made CD in which the jacket cover is her drawing. miwa said that sometimes it was hard to go on the opposite road her friends are taking, but she is determined to reach her dreams. And even though it seems to have taken a whole lifetime, she eventually got discovered and was able to make her debut.

It was the beginning of the world miwa has been aspiring all along. But even after achieving her goal, miwa didn't deprive herself of the equally important things in lifeeducation. So even with her busy schedule, miwa pursued college. I know this is not uncommon and a number of artists had also done the same. However, as I was watching the documentary video about her, I can't help my feels... especially when her tears flowed because of the hard experiences she had. The pressure of the deadlines for the lyrics at the same time of her university exams was one of those. But then miwa said that it was the road she chose, and since you can't help these kind of hardships, you just have to go on and fight. And this same idea was conveyed in her song again×again.

I am the kind of person who rates a song by its lyrics, because this was my father taught me since I was little. Since then, I've always grown to love a song with meaningful lyrics. And this is what led me to miwa's songs. After knowing how hard she thinks of her lyrics, I knew then why I love her as a song writer. She thinks every word thoroughly and weighs each one of them if they really fit the song or a particular part of the song.

I can't say I'm a big fan of miwa since I honestly don't have all her songs in my phone or laptop, and I don't really follow her in a day to day basis like what I'm doing with Arashi, JUMP, and SCANDAL. But I'm sure that I love this side of her and that I love those songs she had written that I've discovered. And of course, there's her genre too. Most of her song are pop rock, which fits my taste in music.

If you want to try listening to her, I gladly recommend my favorite songs:

― The documentary I've watched was based on the making of this song. It's very meaningful and uplifting. It talks about believing in yourself and trying again and again even after failing.

don't cry anymore
― This song is the very first miwa-song I've downloaded after deciding to listen to her. This one's also beautiful and meaningful. It's about moving on and being strong to the point of not crying anymore.

hikari e
― This is the theme song for Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi's drama "Rich man, poor woman". I haven't watched the drama yet, but I have to admit I researched this song after finding out it was that drama's OST. lols. It has an English version remix and I prefer and highly recommend it. This song is about conveying to someone how much you believe in him/her and that you want that person to believe in him/herself too.

― One of the opening songs of the anime Bleach. I've known this song long before I've discovered her. And yes, this was how I've learned about her. xD

"The pain remains, but I know that makes me stronger."


Chasing hearts

I'm not aiming to get miwa new fans, but I want to let people know about the existence of such a great Japanese solo artist.
I'm glad I discovered her. ^^

So lastly, and again...

Happy 26th birthday miwa! I wish you a great year ahead and more success in your career in the future. Thanks for inspiring me to work hard in my dreams, because I'm not one of those fortunate people who were born to be led to great things. I have to make a path for myself and sometimes I can't help the doubts that are building up. So I want to thank you for being one of those few artists who are truly inspiring.

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