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Happy 26th Birthday Inoo-chan!

I've had an equally rough and a quite relaxing day... and here goes probably the last (here in lj) greeting for Inoo-chan today. ≧▽≦


I really don't have much to say except wish him all the good things in the universe. I wish him good health and that he may stay pretty and share us some of that beauty of his. lols. (❁´▽`❁)

This year is Inoo-chan's peak, as what Yabucchi-sensei had said in Chikarauta months ago. And no doubt, we all can prove that with all those overwhelming projects he received. Plus, JUMP sorta took a sudden turn of designation since Maji SUNSHINE. We had observed how Inoo-chan gained so many lines in their song and the fact that he started the song instead of the usual Yamada/Nakajima/Chinen/Arioka pattern. It is indeed an "Inoo-Kei-Matsuri". It's kinda sad how one member received so much while the others didn't even have a single solo project, I know I have no right to question that because Ryosuke had been on that spot... and oppss.. he's still in there. lols. I'm so biased, sorry.

Anyway, this post is not about my thoughts regarding that matter. I just want to give a warm "omedetou" to our pretty birthday boy for reaching his 26th year of beautiful existence. Same goes to his family for raising such a person as he is. Same also goes to all his fans ever since from the start who never ceased to cheer him on. It's now your ichiban's time to shine and as much as I envy his beauty, I'm also happy for him and for all the Inoo ichibanners Tobikko. OMEDETOU! (∩_∩)


I also want to point out how nice it is that he and Hikaru-kun gets along so well when they are the exact opposite when it comes to cats. HAHA. That's another topic, so let's not talk about it. It's just that I really love Inyaa Kei. ●ω●

Lastly, Inoo-chan is honestly one of those idols I really respect for being able to graduate to college. We all know how hard it must've been to study while working as an idol. In order to pursue this, you have to be very careful with your time management so as to not fail in one while you excel in the other. What really amazes me is Inoo-chan's chosen course. He's a graduate of a degree in Architecture in Meiji University. Sugoi ne. And with that, I can say that I'm proud to be his fan.

So like I said, I really have nothing much to say. HAHAHA! ≧▽≦ So lemme end this post by greeting him once again since I'm also running out of time. xD

Otanjoubi omedetou Inoo-chan! I'm sure you've had a great day and I wish you'd bring that smile even in your dreams tonight.

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