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Actions Taken

Hello everyone!

This is in connection to the recent scary circumstances Johnny's Entertainment fangirls are experiencing in Facebook. This is not a reaction post, since I'm already done ranting in fb & twitter. I just wanna inform the concern peeps about some changes in my journal. As we already know, these past few days so many fb fangirling account and Johnny's related pages (so far Arashi, JUMP, and Sexy Zone) are taken down due to copyright violations. Like a calamity with no warning, Johnny's Entertainment raided Facebook without us noticing it. A lot of disappointments have arisen and if not all, most of us got scared with this issue.

And so because of this, I decided to take advance measures before it's too late. I really value my fangirling account in facebook so I tried some preventions so that it won't show on uncle Johnny's scary radar. I deleted MOST of the videos I've subbed and streamed in there. It was sort of a hard decision for me because of the accumulated time and effort I've spent uploading those videos. But I thought I'd rather loss those than loss my entire account. In summary, my main fangirling activity is in facebook and I don't wanna start all over again.

So what does that have something to do with my lj?
Well, I started improving my lj before because I wanted to help out fangirls who have experienced the same difficulty as me in the past. When I first started in the Arashi fandom, although my friend gave me a huge jumpstart, it still wasn't enough for me to know Arashi more, their kind of music, and their styles in their PVs. And I really did went through all the headache of browsing Google just to find those things. So yeah, like other fangirls I want to help out as well especially because of the treatment international fans are getting. ( .___.)
What really drag me to decide to share my files and learn how to sub is the question: "What can I do for my fandom?" And since that's a long explanation, let's just cut it short.

I wanted to stream those videos online because I understand that some fangirls don't want to download everything they see while surfing the internet or wanted to check first what kind of video they are downloading so as to not waste time. I'm like that sometimes too, so I know. And because it took me 2 accounts that have been taken down in YouTube to realized I can't rely there, I finally settled down in fb. My Dailymotion and Vimeo accounts were taken down as well. lols. I'm so stubborn, I know. But unfortunately, it seems like fb can't be relied now too. And because I've deleted those videos in my account, some links in my posts here will not work anymore. I'm too lazy to trace down all those posts, I won't edit anything unless I came accross one by chance. haha.

The second thing I did was f-locked my posts that includes the singles and albums of Arashi & JUMP that I've shared here. I kept them public until now with the thought of helping others out. However, it now came to the point where I have to help myself as well.

Anyway, a question. Can those friends who added me but I wasn't able to add back access my f-locked posts? I really don't know so I'd really appreciate some answers.
I've been told that we have to be mutual friends in order for you to access the posts I've locked. So I decided to add back all the concern peeps who will comment down here.
( ●‿)

Note: I've only f-locked posts that includes Arashi and JUMP's singles & albums. I'm still considering the PVs and other files I've shared. Hopefully, they'd stay public. ︶︿︶

Thank you for reading, that's all. Have a nice week. ^^

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