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[BLOGPOST] One Fangirl’s Random Thoughts #4

Yamada Ryosuke as Fullmetal Alchemist's Edward Elric

(My opinion about his own doubts, new-found courage in his new role, and the doubts of other fans)

[ photo from Myojo's Think Note Vol. 42 "Headwind" ]
(c) to the owner of the pic

They said that a dwarfs' house is just a tiny mushroom or a hill of dirt, but they collect treasures and they keep them in a huge mansion inside. Meaning, most people tend to believe in what they see at first glance and sometimes are too lazy to try to open their minds for the truth inside it.

"Why Yamada?! There are so many better actors out there!" my friend commented when she saw the news from my post a few months ago. Those words really felt like a bee stung me directly to the heart. I understand people has their own views and opinions of other people, but it really hurts when you appreciate a person for his many good sides and for all his flaws and then someone who only saw him from one angle says such a hateful thing about him. Despite that, I didn't respond to her because I respected her opinion. And at that time it was a given, for I knew in the first place that she really didn't like Ryosuke. I'm not sure about her "whole" reason, but I'm certain of one thing: that she's one of those who judged Yamada Ryosuke from the 'outside' without looking at the 'inside' and has already closed her mind on that kind of subjective view.

Just a few hours ago, I read the translation on Ryosuke's latest Think Note wherein he talked about his filming in Italy last month. To begin with, he said that he's a also a fan of the original works of FMA and when he was told to act as Edward, he felt so happy about it. However, as much as the news brought him happiness, he also can't help the negative thoughts that had risen within him. If all the other fans had doubts, how much more Ryosuke himself? Because he's also a fan. "Can I even portray Edward well?" But then I believe that the words of FMA's producer and director were not just for Ryosuke, but for all the fans in the world.

“There’s no one else besides Yamada-kun who is more suitable to portray Ed,”
—FMA producer & director [1]

To give justice to these words, Ryosuke tried to look at himself as Edward. He developed the passion of wanting this role to himself and not wanting anyone else to have it. That, in its nature, is already a proof about how serious he is on this role.

"Personally, I think there are some parts of me that is reckless like Ed. Nevertheless, for the original fans, it has been decided that I will be portraying Ed, and the name is “Yamada Ryosuke”. That’s why, of course there will be opinions like “the image doesn’t fit”, and because I’m also a fan of the original work, I understand about those kind of feelings. However, a movie shouldn’t be judged when the casting decision is announced, but it is when you manage to feel the emotions upon watching the entire finished product, which is more important."
—Yamada Ryosuke [2]

I, myself, honestly don't know what to expect of the movie. I will watch it because first and foremost, FMA is one of the greatest anime works I've ever seen in my entire otaku life and I want to see how its live action will be. Second is because Yamada Ryosuke will portray Edward Elric. Inspite that, I want to be clear that even if it's not Ryosuke who will play Ed, I will still watch it because of the first reason.

It's true that most of the live actions created are disappointing, and so far it seems like only Rorouni Kenshin was successful in that field, but then again I want to emphasize this line: "...a movie shouldn’t be judged when the casting decision is announced, but it is when you manage to feel the emotions upon watching the entire finished product..." In other words, whether the movie will become a success or not, no one has the right to blame it all to Ryosuke. Watch the movie first before judging it and labeling it with a nasty adjective just because you didn't like the cast. Besides, I've watched most of his movies and dramas and from my point of view, I am sure that his acting has improved so much in various genres. Which made me believe that he can actually nail it. If you really don't like it that Ryosuke will act as Edward, then don't force yourself to watch it then.

In reference to that line above, I think all the cast of Attack on Titan had done well in their acting. I also think that the CG was great and has looked realistic. But why are there so many so-called "critics" who hated Mizuhara-san just because of the live action's version of Mikasa? I honestly thought that it was unfair and unjust to blame her for acting the way how the script and the director told her to. Why did she have to take all those bashes when she was just doing her work properly? It was because they equated her to her role and the dramatic change of the story line. And I absolutely think that it was a wrong kind of view. I was one of those who didn't like all the major changes in the movie, but I never blamed any of the cast for it. In fact, in the other hand, Satomi's acting really amazed me.

That is what I just want to say to all of those people who frowned at the sight of Ryosuke's name (or perhaps even at his photo) on the cast list or in the news. If this live action won't turn out well next year, don't blame any of the cast for it. I'm not a hundred percent sure Ryosuke can show us the "best of the human version of Edward Elric". But I'm certain of this: [1] he is confident with the role because he found a similarity between him and Edward (not to mention his height is perfect for the role too) and [2] he did and will do give his best effort in it.

Perhaps it's true that there are a lot more better actors out there, but I want to believe in the words of the producer & director that there is no other actor better suited in this role than Ryosuke himself. After all, Philosophically speaking, truth is absolute, but we differ in how we see things because of Relativity — it is how our mind processes what our senses feels (This is different from Relativism). That's why they said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And just like that, thus Yamada Ryosuke's acting skills is in the eye of our individual definitions.

[1] [2] translations © to

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