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[Blogpost] Hey Hachigatsu!!

"In life, circumstances happen and sometimes there's nothing we can do but accept it."

Domo ~
For some reasons this month, a lot of misfortunes keep on happening to me, making my fangirl life a bit unstable. Because of that, I can't go online everyday like I used to before, except in facebook. So today, I'm writing all my schedules down in one post. Some of which are already late, and some will be in advance.

August 10

It was Yutti & Haruna-sama's birthday! I missed a blogpost here that day, but I never forgot to greet them both in my FB & Twitter. It was supposed to be a double celebration for me, but my misfortunes started that day. *sobs*

Yutti turned 23!

Ah, throughout his years Yutti improved so much. And perhaps the unforgettable event in his 22nd year was his bed scene in Pink&Gray. lols. He's really a mature guy now taking up very mature roles. The hurdle wasn't easy. The fandom cried. But we can only be happy to see our idol exceed his normal ability. Unfortunately though, not everyone can see the bright side of the picture. A lot of Yutti ichibanners changed ichiban after watching that scene. Worst thing is, some of them only watched that scene (not the whole movie) and changed their mind. However, it's totally fine because at that moment Yutti's true fans were sorted out.

In his 23rd, I can only wish for Yutti to be constantly happy with what's he's doing and wish him expanded dimensions to give room for more improvement and of course maturity.

[My birthday greetings for Yutti that day in twitter]

Haruna-sama you're 28 now?!

Being an old fan of an artist would really give you a shock sometimes, especially when the last time you remember is that the oldest member of the band was just turning 25, and then suddenly she's now 28. lols. I seriously haven't noticed it. Perhaps it was because I wasn't active in the fandom for 5 years. But hey, can you really blame me if she doesn't look like 28? lmao. Well, it's not that I'm saying that 28 is old (because no it's not) but it just really shocked me how time flies so fast.

Anyway, Haruna-sama's improvement along with SCANDAL as a whole is evident each year. And I can only be happy to see them continue for as long as they can.

[My birthday greetings for Haruna that day. I mentioned her in twitter for the first time and t'was hazukasii~!]

Aug 12, 14, & 15

3 of my beloved Johnny's idols had their jimusho anniversary! This is what also made this month extra special.
I've only greeted Ryosuke in FB, so I'm saying omedetou here for Keito & Aiba-chan even though it's already late.

omedetou and arigatou—for the 10 years Keito, and for the 20 years Aiba-chan—of making fangirls in Japan and around the world happy. We're so glad you guys joined the jimusho. Please do your best from here on too and keep smiling for us! More happy years in the jimusho for you guys!

When puberty hits Keito? Or the "be careful who you bully challenge"? xDD

[Yes Aiba-chan, it's been 20 years for you. But you're as sweet as ever. Can you believe it? I was just 9 months old when you joined JE.] xDD

And because my ichiban is special, I'm greeting him again here.

Omedetou for the 12 years Ryosuke! It's been just a year for me, but I'll make it all up to you by loving you and staying in the fandom until the very end.

[Here was my greetings for him that day in facebook]

I've never felt this strong for an idol after Nino dumped me (and the rest of the fandom—but that's another story) before. lols. I still love Nino though. xD

But as for Ryosuke since he hasn't dumped us yet, (haha) I'll hold on to this feelings and support him for the rest of this lifetime. ^^

Please keep on doing your best in your work. More happy years ahead in your career!

For this, I rewatched his guestings before where he mentioned his start in JE.

Ryosuke passed the public audition and joined JE when he was 10.

Before that, he was into soccer and has no plans of becoming a kirakira idol. xD However, his mother and Chihiro-nee sent his application and lured him with an expensive badge.

[I really wanna thank Yamada oka-san & Chihiro-nee for that.]

His most admired senpai is Domoto Koichi from Kinki Kids

But the one who left a great impression on him was Nino because of his unique aura.

[OMG. My NinoYama! ( ; ___ ; ) ]

Aug. 21

This is a triple special day for SCANDAL and us their fans!

Advance Happy 25th birthday Rina! Our beloved, cool but fashionable, girly drummer! Stay pretty and keep on rockin' out the house with your powerful drumbeats! I'm wishing SCANDAL's youngest member happiness in both her career and personal life.

Otanjoubi Omedetou Rina!


Happy 10th Anniversary SCANDAL!
Congratulations for making it this far. I'm genuinely happy for the band and as a fan for seeing them imrpoved this much throughout the years. My 6 years in the fandom was really great. SCANDAL is even a big part of my childhood memories. I'm so happy for them, I'm getting a bit emotional. *sobs*

In celebration for SCANDAL's 10th anniversary, SCANDAL is going to hold their biggest outdoor one-man live on this day. They've been practicing and preparing for this big day. And as usual, I'll be staying at home and crying.
Fortunately though, WOWOW-san will cover a live broadcast that day so those who can't go can watch it too. At the very least, I'm really thankful for this chance!

Aug. 28

I'll turn two as an Arashian on this day. It has just been 2 years for me but it honestly feel like forever. Being an Arashian is definitely one of the happiest thing that happened in my life. I've learned so much and grew so much. However, I will stop here cuz I might not be able to contain my feelings and the words might overflow and this post might not end. lols.

Throughout the years. My Arashi ichiban turned from Nino to Ohchan to Nino. xD
Now, I've finally decided to put a period on that confusion. My ichiban is Nino and my niban is Ohchan, but I won't deny the fact that I became an Arashian because of Ohchan. That's why the confusion. As for the other members, my sanban is still Sho-chan. That never changed. Next is J, and then Aiba. But you know, as you grow old with the fandom and learn to love everything about it, the bias ranking just won't matter anymore. Sometimes now, it will only become like this: My ichiban is Nino, and the rest of the members follows. <33

Aug. 30

J's birthday!!

I can't write my feels right now... like seriously. Since J is a special idol to me, I think it's gonna be long and I can't make this post any longer now, but I'll properly write a post on his day. So for now, advance Happy birthday J! <33


So yep! August for me is quite packed. This month, both the youngest member of Arashi and SCANDAL are celebrating their birthdays. Also! I forgot to include in the edited image above... our awaited Japonism DVD will be release next week! Yaay! I'm already seeing a few screencaps and gif, though I'm not quite sure if it's from the DVD. But we know how fast the chinese fans are.

Anyway, August is also the end of Summer season! And usually in this month, Natsu Matsuris are held. (Correct me if I'm wrong)
And because there's a song that fits this post perfectly even though it's not included in my sched, I'm recommending everyone to give it a listen. ^^

Hachigatsu (八月) by SCANDAL

If you think I've missed some other events for this month that concerns Arashi, JUMP, and SCANDAL, do inform me!

That's all. BYE BEE ~~


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