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[BLOGPOST] 17 years of STORM!

Hey everyone ~ ! FNS - ARASHI.jpg

Today's ARASHI day! So let me start by greeting my 5 adorkable men a...


First off... Thank you to those who commented with encouraging words in my last post. You guys really help me in a way to stay positive.

I don't really have a lot to say today. I'm so done with all the emotional talks. lols. But I'm very happy for ARASHI, of course, for being able to reach their 17th year. Anniversaries are always something we should be thankful about. Despite everything they've been through, ARASHI managed to make it until today, and along the way gained and lost things for good.

Kami-sama, thank you for ARASHI !

Since I became a fan of these 5 bakas, a part of me changed and improved, and at the same time I found another comfort zone where I can relax and laugh without a care in the world. For that, I am always grateful for ARASHI's existence.

Lastly, because of the difficulties in my life right now, this is the least I can do for my beloved idol group.
In the duration of my two years in the fandom, here are the fancovers I've recorded so far. This is not new though, and I've uploaded these in FB before. I just did a little editing and I'm reposting it today for ARASHI's anniversary. It's not like they'll hear me though. xD

I don't usually sound like this, I don't know what happened, so ask my recorder. lols. Do give it a listen, however, and feel free to bash me. lols. Just kiddin'. Please don't hate me. xD

The songs are short versions of Still, Bittersweet, and Sakura, and the last part of Nino's Niji.

Happy 17th ARASHI !
I love you guys so much.

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