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[BLOGPOST] 9 years & JUMPing to a successful future!

For last Sept 21 & today, JUMP-kun... Happy 9th Anniversary since formation & debut !!
Let me begin by saying thank you to fate and to Kami-sama for allowing me to discover such a wonderful group of young boys a year ago. One fateful day, I saw a cute young boy who guested in Nino-san and got interested with him. Later on I found out that his name is Arioka Daiki and that he is Nino's kouhai in the jimusho and I knew then that I wanted to know more about him and his group. And then Hey! Say! JUMP happened in my life. IMG_20160430_134657.jpg

I became a Tobikko first and foremost because of JUMP's kind of music. I thought it was cool, and I still think it is. Though to me now, JUMP has too major kinds of songs: the cool ones and the cute ones. lols. I honestly prefer the cool ones since it was what drag me here, but in the course of 1 year, I also fell in love with the cute ones because they are so spirit-uplifting.

Hey! Say! JUMP to me is like a flavor and a taste enhancer.

I was an ARASHIAN first. Before JUMP came to my life, I was already happy and enjoying ARASHI I thought I could never have been happier as a fangirl. However, JUMP made me thought about that twice. Because when I became their fan, fangirl happiness doubled. My grin got wider. My laugh got more audible. And the fangirl happiness in my heart overflowed. That's why I thought, if ARASHI is a food that is already delicious by default, JUMP must be a flavor and a taste enhancer because they definitely made it yummier. lols. I'm very sorry for that lame metaphor! ><

Anniversaries are an artist's birthday! That's why I have to make a wish for them! <33

Last night, I slept with the thought... what are my goals & wishes as a fan for my idols? And this morning I woke up pondering about that question with JUMP's RUN de Boo! playing in my mind. xD

So I actually thought about JUMP as a group and formulated my own 3 wishes for them as an individual Tobikko. (A ginie might grant me these!)

1) A concert in Kokuritsu! (Or Japan's national stadium; It is in Tokyo for those who don't know)
Looking back on ARASHI's 9th year in 2008, it was the first time they were granted the privilege to hold a concert in Kokuritsu, and by far their biggest concert ever with 70,000 (?) audience seat. It was amazing. And with the going around rumor in the fandom that JUMP is ARASHI's next successor in terms of fame and success (in which I would really like to believe *cross fingers*), though soon is kinda questionable for now, I wish for JUMP to have the same chance in the future. However, that would be impossible at least until after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

I believe in Hey! Say! JUMP's capabilities as a group so I don't think this long term wish is impossible. It is a wish that is not realizable for now, but someday...who knows? After all, they said DREAM BIG! *U*

2) A movie featuring all nine of them!
Again, this is a wish that has already been achieved by ARASHI. You can't blame me, I'm an Arashian, I can't help but wish JUMP the same success ARASHI have right now. And I don't think that's a bad desire. Who doesn't want that movie anyway?!

3) Official solo songs for each member
I think this is kinda impossible given their number and the quantity limit of songs an album can have, but I'm genuinely wishing for that to happen so just let me. I wanted each member to have an official record of a solo song. It's okay if they do it gradually anyway. Perhaps 5 solo songs in one album and another 4 solo songs in the next. xD

I don't know if these wishes will ever happen. I can't even measure their realizability, but wishes are wishes. And these are mine. JUMP is still young, a lot of things can still happen, a lot of chances and opportunities can still open along the way. And for now, if there is one thing I can give them as a gift, it is my pure love and genuine support. Though it's intangible, but I'm a thousand percent certain that it's true.

Hey! Say! JUMP thank you for being formed! 9 years has been long, but I believe the future is gonna be longer for you. I can't wait to see you all standing at the top. Please continue to do your best, and I'll continue to support you from here.

I'll see you all someday. OMEDETOU!

[PS !]
PS: Have you heard the preview for Fantastic Time yet? I really thought it's gonna be one of their cute songs again considering the kind of anime Time Bokan 24 is. So shame on me because when I heard it, I almost dropped my jaw. It's sounds so cool and I just can't wait for October! ><

I can only imagine what the PV will look like. <33

Anyway, the song was played by our boys in their radio programs this week. If you haven't heard yet, here's one among the many in YT. xD

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