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[ARASHI] ♥ 嵐アン! 1 year & counting…

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Today marks the day of my first year as an Arashian. And this post is just some random blabbing to celebrate it. XD

Sometimes, it’s such a wonder how fast time flies and without us noticing, a year has already passed. I still remember a year ago (8/22/15), when I first admitted to myself that I’ve already became ARASHI’s fan, I posted my first ever ARASHI fb cover photo.

The funny thing is that, even though I admitted to have become their fan on that day, I actually created my ARASHI folder in my pc a day before. HAHA!

To be honest, I’m still wondering to myself why I became their fan when before them, I really dislike boybands/idol groups. And up until now, I still don’t know why I started liking them. Of course if you’ll ask me now why I love them, I can give you millions of reasons. I know I’m exaggerating but every Arashian knows that ARASHI is a lot more than just 5 singers & dancers. However, if I’m asked why I became their fan, please spare me. I really don’t know. HAHA. All I know is that I constantly heard about them from a friend and from various netizens. That time I was just starting a new hobby which is watching Japanese dramas, (I was really into anime before, and even up until now), then after watching my very first ARASHI drama, Kagi no Kakatta Heya, I got hooked with its theme song (Face Down) and got fond of Enomoto. Out of curiosity of this amazing actor and great song, I made some research and both led me to ARASHI. And yes, before I knew it… boom! I became an ARASHIan.

Yes. I’m one of our fishing Riidaa’s catch. J

How I fell in love with ARASHI.

At the start of my ARASHIan life a year ago, of course I was just liking them and their music. Loving ARASHI actually took place when I discovered who they really are inside those pictures and their acting roles. Aside from their wonderful dramas, the thing that really glued my heart to ARASHI is their variety shows. The first ARASHI bangumi I saw was VS ARASHI. It was there that I saw how these 5 amazing and talented men could be so adorable and dorky at the same time. Or should I say…ADORKABLE? And then there’s AniShi, HnA, etc.

Kono subarashii sekai de hora, ARASHI no koto wo mitsuketa. ^_^

ARASHI’s impact to me as a fangirl.

ARASHI was the start of my wholesome fangirling life. When I was still just an Otaku before, all I knew about Japan are anime-related things only and the one place I really really want to go to was Akihabara St. of Tokyo. Now everything has changed and I could say that my eyes are wider opened now. I first saw what the Japanese Entertainment industry really is because of them. And of course, when you’re an ARASHI fan, it’s almost impossible not to know JE, right? And from there, everything followed. If you know what I mean.

So today, I’m not just listening to J-pop from anime OSTs. I’m actually listening to famous J-pops now. And Akihabara is not just the only place I want to go now. I want to see Kokuritsu, Tokyo Dome, the buildings of the TV stations where ARASHI works, and even Mr. Johnny Kitagawa’s office. HAHA! (The last one’s too impossible though.)

I’ve been dreaming of going to Japan ever since I was a little kid. And now, ARASHI only strengthen that desire.

Because of ARASHI, I was even more motivated to study Nihongo now compared before. My progress is really slow though because I’m only self-studying, and of course my college course is also the priority. But because of them, I can say that I’ve really improved.

I would also like to blame ARASHI for making me socially acquainted to people around the internet. HAHA. ARASHI’s fandom is very very very interactive. Wherever you are, be it in fb, twitter, tumblr, LJ, etc., ARASHIans just can’t shut up. Nyahaha~! There will always be a daily post, updates, and news. This fandom is definitely the richest. When I say rich, I mean rich in talented, hardworking, & generous fangirls. I mean, there will always be translators and subbers, and they never get tired of working for it even if they really don’t get anything in return. And there are also those fangirls who spent big amount of money for ARASHI’s CDs & DVDs, magazines, and other merchandise but upload it for free. I, being one of the #binbo fangirls, will always be thankful to those generous ARASHIans.

How are they any different to other fandoms? I guess, because they work fast. For example, if today’s Saturday and AniShi is being aired, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, the episode is already available in the internet. Generally, everything about ARASHI always comes out after the date of the release. No, even before the date of the release, leaks are already available.

ARASHI really is amazing and I’m proud to be an ARASHIan because of that.

        song: Face Down
-        Drama: Kagi no kakatta Heya
-        Member I’ve known: MatsuJun
-        Single: GUTS!
-        Album: The Digitalian
-        Concert I’ve watched: Popcorn
-        Item: Aloha Arashi! photobook

Geez, there’s still so many things I would like to say about them regarding my first ARASHIan year, but since my post is already getting long and boring, I guess I’ll end it here.

And to summarize my 1st year, all I could say is that I really had fun. And if there’s one thing I’m regretting about any of this, that would be becoming their fan so late. I really wished I started earlier than last year.

So now, MY FELLOW ARASHIANS, kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu! *bows*

Happy Arashian birthday to me ~ XD

I !
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