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Announcement & Help Wanted xDD

Heya minna ~ !

Hisashiburi ! I really have been inactive in LJ because of real life issues. But for the love of my idols, I just can't be stopped to do stuffs for them and for the fandom. And so without further ado, my agenda today is what I have stated in the title of this entry.

flower_54.gif First, an announcement.

We are going to sub Cain and Abel. Yaaay ~ !
I know a lot of other fangirls are also planning to take the project, and I'm not quite sure if my teammates know that. But well, who can blame us all? That's Ryosuke's drama there. We can't just leave it alone, can we?

Anyway, we decided on this work last Saturday. And if it wasn't for my exams, we would've been halfway through by now. Yeah. That's real life interfering us. lols. Can't be help. However, my exams end today so I'll immediately start pre-timing this evening.

I'm really excited to do this for obvious reasons. Let's just hope my teammates wouldn't lose heart for this, because I know I never would. *cross fingers*

With that being said, please look forward to it! And I'll do my best to finish immediately.


flower_54.gif HELP WANTED flower_54.gif

This is for the SCANDAL fandom, so if you're not a fan or interested with them, you may discontinue reading.

I've been planning to sub SCAFES (SCANDAL's 10th Anniversary Concert) ever since the day they announced that it will be broadcasted in WOWOW. The thing is, as what I've already said weeks before, I'm really having a rough time in real life and internet connection is just one of my major problems.

SCAFES MCs have already been translated by fysb and I'm a lil bit sure she will let me use her translations again for the subs given I ask her permission.

Now the problem is the raw file.
The smallest raw file I found around the internet is 4GB in size. And even with that supposed-to-be tolerable file size, I just can't download it due to my internet connection.

So the help wanted comes in.

If you are willing to assist me with this project, all I need you to do is download the file, split it, and then upload them again for me to download. Don't worry if you don't know how to do that, I'm very much willing to teach you.

If you want to help me, please comment down, or PM me in FB, or email me at

I HOPE SOMEONE WILL HELP ME! I will really owe you a lot.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you and Have a Nice Day !!

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