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[Translation] Chihiro's Wedding Story 03

Here's part 3 !! Yaaaaay ~ xD
This one's a bit longer than the other 2, but it's also quite fun to read. Chihiro nee-sama's favorite wedding song actually gave me goosebumps. ( ;  ___ ; ) Nice choice, nee-sama!

I DON'T OWN ANYTHING! Photo credits goes to Chihiro Yamada and

Feel free to correct any mistakes. ^^
And then again, translations are mine, but I'm not a translator. xD

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chihirosweddingstory…03 ♡Reception♡
Written by Yamada Chihiro-san (2016.10.29 | 17.00.44)

This is the opening movie on the reception ♡

I even uploaded the video in Instagram, but it's the memorable flower for the two of us.

It is a photo taken in the sunflower field. ♡

We had it taken by our close friend Yagi-chan. ♡♡

The song that matched this was

"Shut Up and Dance" by WALK THE MOON

The tempo is really great because it's such a good song, that's why it's easy to listen to ♪

After that, the entrance song was "yell" by Choutokkyuu
(You can watch/listen to the song HERE.)

My favorite wedding song.

It was also used as a theme song for a drama,

That drama is really great we can watch and symphatize to it, and the song too is really beautiful, it has a cheerful taste to it like us, so I chose this.

"I want you to use Instagram to comment on it" was the comment I received. ♡♡

"It's finally here" It seems that everyone from behind (the doors) were counting from 10-seconds. ♡

It was exciting and nerve-wracking

Our planners took us off with a "Go and please enjoy"

And then the doors opened.

How can I express it ,,,

It was a very incredible moment.

There  was an important bridegroom greeting at the beginning of the reception.

I've said it well!

I was too nervous at the wedding ceremony, I was frozen like a robot and my groom laughed so hard at me but it seems that I'm rather relaxed that moment.

I'm glad I practiced hard until 3 AM. lol

The toast has ended,

It was chat time, slicing of the cke, and then the first bite.

The fun time passed in a blink of an eye!

With the same 109 Writer's Takai Koko-chan

The groom's face is a little spaced-out but,

His best asset is his clumsycute side, so please forgive him, okay lol

<T/N: The word was buchakawa = "busaiku de kawaii" = clumsy and cute (I think 'ugly' is too much. Thus I traslated it as 'clumsycute'. xD >

I really really had fun, that I can't even handle the food well.

<T\N: Laughing a lot to the point of shaking out of energy>

And then almost immediately, it's already time for changing of outfit.

We've taken a lot of photos together with everyone that I love. To be honest, I want to place it all here, but I can only put these much. (´••)シュン…

At the exit, with a little surprise, I called my little sister.

We left together. ♡

At that time on the exit, the song playing was "Nijiiro" by Ayaka-san.
I want to do this warm and gentle song.

To be continued ♡
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'll translate the 4th and last part as soon as I get another free time! ^^


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