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[Translation] Chihiro's Wedding Story 04

Hey everyone ~

I said that this would be the last, but it seems that there would be a little more after this. Chihiro nee-sama said so in the last part of this entry. haha. Anyway, this one, for some reason, inspired me the most, especially on the "surprise" parts. It's so sweet and so cute, it actually made me look forward to my future. lols. xDD

In all four parts, I was honestly kinda expecting her to mention Ryosuke at least once, but I guess JE wouldn't allow that in the end. She did mention "younger brother" nonetheless and though what I really want to know is about her relationship with this "younger brother", in the end, I got really inspired with this wedding in itself. It's beautiful. Sou da to omoimasu. ^^

Photo credits goes to Yamada Chihiro and
Translations are mine, but... you know what's next. xDD

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chihirosweddingstory…04 ♡Changing of Outfits♡
Written by Yamada Chihiro-san (2016.11.11 | 12.00.43)

As everyone is waiting, I hurriedly changed my outfit.

It's the 2nd first meet.

Whatever my groom had imagined how I would look (or how the dress looks), I had no idea,,

"tap tap"

It's pink!!

Because it seems that everyone in the venue is guessing if it's orange or yellow, pink really surprised them, so I think that it's the right answer

<T\N: Everyone must be basing it from the sunflower color. And pink is totally out of the choices. xD >

The dress is not only pink, it's also blended with purple. It's very pretty, and it's like Rapunzel's dress. That's why my braid is also Rapunzel style ♡

The flowers on my hair are artificial flowers!

But they are almost as if they are real, you wouldn't initially think so otherwise ♡

(Cutting cost, cutting cost...)

We are usually like this (lol)

Well, I'm now going back to everyone ♡

A surpising entrance towards everyone.

It's not just an ordinary entrance, we went in from everyone's back ♡

These moments are really really fun for the playful us.

I couldn't stop

The entrance song was "piano" by my favorite Ariana Grande-san.

My favorite music is one with a very cute tune ♡

Being there, it's a song that fits my pink dress really well ♡

After that is a surprise for my groom.

The sunflower that is memorable for the two of us... we made everyone bring one. And while holding one, everyone said "Ready...Go!". And then the venue became a sunflower field.

It was a surprised that involved everyone in the venue.

It's because everyone is cooperating that time

I felt very blissful, and of course the groom too, but I wonder why I'm the only one who cried (lol)

But it's truly beautiful,, that

My love and everyone's love gathered together, and formed a sunflower field only for us.

It was the best!!

And then, while taking a photo in the midst of the surrounding tables with the sunflowers gathered from everyone, I tied a ribon around it and gave it to my groom as a gift.

From here on too, please take care of me

It was a huge success without a worry, so this time it was my groom's turn to surprise me with a gift of a sunflower ring.

I didn't think there would be a surprise in return, it really got me!

It's a Swarovski ring with gliterring sunflower petals. It's so cute ♡

And another one.

I received a flower bracelet from my younger sister.

She said "I'm happy (for you)" as she cried under her breath,

I couldn't stand it, so I cried once more.

Thank you.

After that, my tension went up as my groom dance as a sideshow.

And then the ceremony is finally reaching it's end.

It's time for the letters.

The song is "Tegami ~ Aisuru Anata e ~" by Chris Hart-san.

<Song HERE>

So I wouldn't hyperventilate, before reading the letter, I took a deep breath

While reading my nose was slithering, but somehow I managed to read it.

I want to express my gratitude up until now to my mom and dad, and to my younger brother and sister.

My most beloved family.

My forever and ever beloved family who will never change.

So to conclude, from beginning to the end, the bride and the groom cried,

but we have peacefully closed our dream-like time!

I've already said this a lot, but on the surprising moments,

On the moments when I don't know what will happen,

On the moments of 'no matter what kind of moment it will be, everything is a treasure to me',

It has been the happiest day of my life!!

On our exit, in the later-style end-roll movie

The song that was used was "Junpaku no Hanayome" by Zushi Sankyoudai.


It's a suuuuuuuper nice song.

↑ It's our message in the end-roll movie to everyone who went that day ♡

I'll continue a little more...♡

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