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Migrating to Dreamwidth

Hello everyone!

I'm really busy, so let me just get straight to the point. As we all know by now, the Russian Company SUP Media is now the new owner of LJ. And I'm not exactly sure if I should be threatened about this or not. However, as I went through some of the famous livejournal posts about this matter, I was convinced that if those non-fandom users don't feel very secured anymore, then perhaps the same goes to us fans who share stuffs here for the fandom.

For this reason, I finally decided to backup all my posts and files to Dreamwidth since it is where most of us in the fandom are going. If any of you even noticed, I've also already backup all my lyrics translations in my blogspot account. I'm still having second thoughts about posting my subbed PVs there since Google is very strict with it's policies (which was already demostrated to me via YT. lol).

I will start operation backup today. And also, since dreamwidth is still completely alien to me, if any of you is already there and has already found other communities who transferred there, I would really really appreciate some help. It's gonna be hard for me to adapt at the start because of my scheds right now. I'm just too busy to make major changes online.
( ; ____ ; )

That being said, see you guys there!
And I will post links of my new blogs here as soon as I settle down. Please don't hesitate to share yours as well. It might also be of help to me. ^^

Have a nice day, and happy fangirling!


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