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DW Yoroshiku!


I just received a message from DW that ALL of my LJ entries have already been imported to my account there. Yay! lols. Well, I love the fact that I can actually work in the real world while DW works for my account, thank you very much. I thought I'm in for some headaches of hours staring at the computer again. Almost 3 years ago, it took me a few days to get my LJ account together and I was worried I will have to get through with it all again. But thank goodness, DW already has a way to solve that (like it already knows LJ bloggers will migrate there eventually. lols).

So anyway, my DW account is done! IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE MY LJ so please don't get confused. xD
It's over HERE if you want to subscribe now. ^^

If there are things I am happy about DW, well that would be the fact that I'm finally able to change my name there. lols. I'm trapped in LJ with the name jumpingstorm which I really want to change since years ago. HAHA.
However, beyond these issues surfacing these days, I still think LJ is more beautiful and easy. In DW, besides the fact that you can't upload photos in their servers, entries are so hard to manage and edit. >< I'm really hoping they'd improve it somehow.
And just so you know, I won't be crossposting posts that include download links because I think it'll defeat the idea of hiding future info from the Russian servers. So in conclusion, for now since most of the communities I'm in are still not considering migration to DW, I'm just gonna sit back here and wait. I've already back-upped everything so no major worries for now.

So yeah, I guess I can only say that we shouldn't stress out ourselves too much. While it's best that we start doing something in anticipation of the worst, we shouldn't do it the extent of paranoia. xD

See you guys around wherever the fandom clouds take us! ^^

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