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[MANGA] Honey Lemon Soda + Manga Video

Ciaosu !
Hi all. What have you all been up to lately in your home quarantine? I hope you all are doing good and healthy.
As for me, I'm still busy even with our work from home arrangements, but compared to normal days, schedules are more flexible these days and I actually feel less stress. And so here's one of the things I was able to do during those days.

A senpai asked me to subbed a 3-part manga video and from there, I discovered this wonderful shoujo manga. And since I took the effort of subbing and hunting all the chapters around the internet, I might as well share it here. The pdf files were created by me.

I will not put the plot here and let the videos do the promotion since that's what they were made for anyway. lols. If you like them, feel free to download the manga chapters to continue with the story. I really really appreciate the manga video cuz it gave us an idea how the characters actually sound. <3
I hope you guys enjoy this manga as much as I did!

Status: Ongoing as of this post.

You may wait for new chapters at the official facebook of Timeless Scans.

flower_54.gif LINKS flower_54.gif

MANGA VIDEO (for promotion to the manga)
DL pw: h4ch1m1tsU

  • Chapter 1-45 (PDF files)

  • Decryption key: UU0dci_hsN1xbIS908ehh6cExHXKSF32ClD4lPFSkuM


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