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[FANCOVER] Yesterday (Official HIGE DANdism)

Hullo ~ !
I'm alive again. xD

My Last Mermaid CD is coming tomorrow and I will be sharing my copy here tho I know it's already all over the fandom.
It's kinda late, but it's my fastest international transaction so far considering my location. (The shipping fee is wallet killer tho)
I've been avoiding Twitter and LJ since the release date because I don't wanna kill my excitement for the CD.
It's my first Hey! Say! JUMP CD so it's kinda special. teehee~ xD

Anyway, for now please check out my song cover of HIGEDAN's "Yesterday" below!
It is the OST of the anime movie HELLO WORLD. I highly recommend said movie if you still haven't watched it.

I would really really appreciate it if you'll give my video a thumbs up in youtube and subscribe to my jpop cover channel. :))

ijou desu ~ !
Have a great day! 
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