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[DRAMA UPDATE] Kiwadoi Futari Episode 6 (END)


The masterpost for Kiwadoi Futari -K2- has been updated with links for Episode 6.
I'm totally hands down at Ryosuke's acting. Seriously, how can he cry so much like that?! 😭

Anyway, enjoy the last episode and have a nice day!

I finished subbing a drama for the first time! Yaay! I'm not pro at translating nor did I attend formal classes to learn Nihongo, my skill is pure self-studying for more than a decade now and drenching myself in Nihongo literally everyday, but translating and subbing are my best and fun ways of learning. I definitely learned a lot while subbing this drama! I did a lot of research while at it and it was really so much fun.

Having said that, thank you for trusting my work! ❤️️

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