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New Artists I'm stanning! and a COVER of 『Rain with Cappuccino』by Yorushika


Starting last February, I became a fan of yet another great Japanese artists called YOASOBI and Yorushika. Both groups are a duo of a composer/lyricist and a vocalist. I really really love both and couldn't stop listening to their songs since then.

I discovered YOASOBI through YouTube's recommendation of their song Yoru ni Kakeru which was really really famous in Japan last year. They currently only have less than 10 songs and all of which are really great. What drew me to them is their concept of turning novels into songs, Ayase-san's awesome composing and song writing talent, and Ikura-chan's beautiful voice. I basically love their entire existence. lol. The novels from which their songs are based from are very unique and interesting stories. My favorite song from them so far is called Tabun.

At the same time I discovered YOASOBI, I also discovered another awesome artist called Yorushika because of their song "Usotsuki" and "Hana ni Bourei" that was used as OST for the anime movie "A Whisker Away". I don't even know where to start writing about Yorushika's greatness, but to cut it short, they baited me with the deep concepts behind their songs. They are literally the first Japanese artist that gave me goosebumps. They made me do research a lot in order to understand the wonder that they released to the world. xD I'm hands down with respect for their composer/song writer n-buna, the man behind all those incredible ideas he managed to embed in his songs. Sometimes, I feel like they're trying to drown me in deep melancholy. hahaha. Meanwhile, their vocalist suis has one of the most beautiful voice I ever listened. I love love love her voice and its duality that can change from soft to powerful and vice versa smoothly. I think suis' voice is my favorite female voice in the world now. lmao.

My favorite song from Yorushika is called "Kaze wo Hamu" and "Ame to Cappuccino"
I did a cover of the latter, please check it out below.



Go check out YOASOBI and Yorushika and let me know if you like them! :))
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