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Official Hige Dandism 「Road to one-man tour 2021-2022」07.10.2021

Hello! Sharing my recording of Higedan's concert last Saturday at Yokohama Arena that was streamed online. I super duper love this concert and heartily enjoyed it. They had been so amazing throughout. I can't tell you how many times I've rewatched this almost 2-hours concert and I don't even do that to other artists' concerts. lol. I love it that much.

You can read about my rave about my favorite parts of this concert in this Twitter thread.

I paid for this content so please just respect me by not uploading my recording to any video streaming services and by not spreading it even more publicly. Also, keep me safe by not tagging the official accounts. You're welcome.

Apologies for the file size. I managed to cut it in half from the original size of my original recording by editing it for pc view (I recorded from my phone so the aspect ratio was extra wide), but that's it. If any of you can encode it further down, you have my permission. ;)

720P | 7.33 GB

Enjoy! Link behind the photo.

Tags: concert: higedan, official hige dandism

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