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NINOmiya Kazunari's 32nd birthday

I made an instrumental karaoke of Niji for Nino's 32nd birthday. (June 17, 2015)
Translations are not mine.

Here it is. どうぞ
誕生日おめでとう ニノ !!

If you want, you can download it in Youtube or HERE.

I also edited a few NINO wallpapers with NINO qoutes. Translations and images not mine, only the editing.
Feel free to save them if you like. ^_____________^

I wish my ichiban all the best! May he have a wonderful and happy day.

Nino, stay strong and healthy ! I wish you more and more years to come. daisuki desu. :3
Knowing that I'm looking up at the same sky as you makes me feel that I can support you and ARASHI forever.

Okay so enough of the drama...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Kazu !! :D <3 <3
Tags: group: arashi, wallpaper

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