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[ARASHI] 16 years of STORM: The Benefits (I’ve acquired) of being an Arashian

Before anything else, I would like to emphasize that this is VERY PERSONAL – meaning, this is all based on my own experiences (i.e. being an Arashian for a year). This is perhaps not applicable to everyone but for some, I think we might be the same.

First of all, why do we do things? Isn’t it because of the benefits that we can get from doing those? I believe it is. We go to school to learn, we work to earn, and … (hihi~) we fangirl because it makes us happy. *sings: hashiridase, hashiridase!*

But before further discussions, I would like to say this first:
OMEDETOU ARASHI no minna-san !! – for making it to your 16th year! (*ω)** yaay! *fireworks!*

I’m so proud of you guys! Kore kara mo gambatte kudasai ne! daaaaaiiisuki ~ !

Now for the good things I’ve acquired from being an Arashian. To summarize it all up, let us call the benefits of being an Arashian as HILL. A hill, though not as tall as a mountain is still hard to climb, yet when you reach its peak, there’s still a sense of achievement.

– the most basic reason why we fangirl our idols. We love them because they make us happy even if they don’t even know our existence. HAHA!

When I first started following Arashi, it was because I like them. 12 months ago, I still don’t have an idea what these guys are capable of doing for their fans. I simply like them for their songs and dramas. However, when I started watching their bangumis (VSA & AniShi for starters), it was when I saw who really ARASHI are and what are their individual image/personality in the Japanese television. THEY ARE FUN TO WATCH. They are willing to do everything – even if it means looking like a total retarded idiot or even if it scares them to the depths of their souls – for the sake of entertainment. That’s why (maybe) some Japanese comedians find it unfair how Johnny’s idols are capable of doing even their works (as comedians) and they can’t do the same. (Refer to Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai, Kyuukyoku Battle ZEUS 2015.04.09)

– Arashi’s songs are definitely ❤❤❤

Most of Arashi’s songs have a very positive and inspiring lyrics. I know they’re not the ones who had written or composed most of it, but it’s a fact that they’re the ones who gave these songs life. Because it’s Arashi, those beautiful songs have reached and inspired us. They are one of the most effective medium of sending your message to everyone through songs (for the composers & song writers at least), because people are sure to buy. HAHA

– before I became an Arashian, I was not really good at downloading things from the internet. And because the fandom has a lot to offer, I was forced to learn so many things just so I can grab all Arashi related stuffs. So I learned the so-many-ways to download just to feed my cravings for more of Arashi.

Nanimo Shiranai watashi wa. Binbo Dakara ne. demo ima wa no problem! XD

Arashi was also the medium of me learning about what the Japanese Entertainment really is about because of their bangumi. There were so many Japanese celebrities I’ve known because of watching their bangumis and dorama.

– in fangirling ARASHI, we really can’t deny the fact that some of us (or perhaps most) has developed our own selfish feelings for our ichibans. When I said I wanted to marry NINO, I mean it. HAHA. I believe our feeligs for them are true, but because they are unreciprocated, they fade in time. For that reason, because of my feelings for ARASHI or Nino to be specific, I was thought how to get a LIFE beyond the fandom.

ARASHI is there. We love them and they love their fans, but that’s all there is to it. No one can cross that line because they’re idols and we’re just fangirls. That’s how life is. Now I didn’t said that to make us sad. It was for us to face reality, because that’s one of the things ARASHI thought me.

The second point here is, ARASHI thought us a lesson that if you strive hard in LIFE, you can reach your goal. It doesn’t really matter when, but we must believe that somewhere at the end of this run, there’s a prize waiting for us. Sho started as an idol without the approval of his parents. It took him time before they finally accepted his decision. Now Mr. Shu Sakurai is always bragging about his son. He also worked as an idol and at the same time studied in a university. Imagine how hard that could be, but still he made it to the end. Remember how Riidaa struggled at first to learn all he can about dancing and stuffs just so he can cope up with everybody? Remember how ARASHI had faced their “dark age” before and finally made a breakthrough when MatsuJun accepted his role in HanaDan?

The benchmark there is to keep on running the race of LIFE no matter how hard it becomes. And that’s one of the best lessons ARASHI has thought us indirectly.

LIFE is hard dakedo HAPPY
LIFE is hard dakara HAPPY
LIFE is hard tabun HAPPY

We can always change the Japanese part of that line because ARASHI gave us the choice to define our own life. But no matter how hard life is, just remember that at the end of that phrase… it’s HAPPY. ^__________^

I'm really really happy for ARASHI today. I get emotional watching them from when they were just kids and now that they were grown mature men. For that I really don't like calling them boys.
I don't know everything, and it's just been a year for me. But the time and length really don't matter right? It's our feelings for them.

From here on too, let's watch them pass their 16th towards their 17th year and more.
I love ARASHI so much and I'll support them forever! :D

Again, HAPPY 16th YEAR ARASHI !!!
\(^ w ^)/
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