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[HSJUMP] “My Tobikko STORY”

Have you ever wondered in the entire existence of your Tobikko life who really is that “JUMPing GIRL” that JUMP-kun keeps on mentioning in their song Come On A My House and the “Cherie” from their song Mayonaka no Shadow Boy?

Well, let me uncover the truth for you…

It’s ME.
\(@ ̄ ̄@)/

HAHAHAHA! Are you disappointed already? Gomen. Gomen.

Well anyway, today is JUMP-kun’s 8th birthday!!!
YAAAY ~ !! ()

OMEDETOU on your 8th year JUMP-kun !!!
I’m so happy that you already made it this far and I wish that you’d make the group last longer than your senpais. HAHA! And please ~ no more decrease in number okay? Ryutaro-kun’s departure broke us… we can’t afford to lose anyone anymore. I love you all, ya know. MOCHIRON! I love Ryutaro-kun too even though he’s not here anymore when I became a Tobikko. For me, JUMP is forever 10! <3

Hikaru: *points at Ryutaro-kun* “That guy will always be a part of JUMP!” ^____^

To be honest, I’m still just a 5-months old Tobikko. I’m still in the process of knowing more about JUMP-kun and their past activities and issues (if there are any besides Ryutaro-kun?). I find them very very very adorable and cute and cool and talented and ikemen! xD

Dakara…Tobikko no kazoku no minna-san…YOROSHIKU ONEGAISHIMASU!


I first heard of the name Hey! Say! JUMP a few years ago from my friend’s group message. Actually, that friend of mine was the reason why I found Johnny’s.

Last year after I became an Arashian, she lent me her hard disk drive so I can copy all the ARASHI files she has there. And in the process of doing so, I found a folder there that includes other Johnny’s groups other than ARASHI. Out of curiosity, I opened up the folder and found PVs there mostly from JUMP-kun and Kisumai-kun. That time I wasn’t really that interested but because I want to be familiar with other JE groups too, I copied a few PVs there.

And the very first JUMP PVs that I saw was Come On A My House, Ride with Me, and Arigatou ~ Sekai no Doko ni ittemo. Yup, those are the 3 PVs I copied from that folder.

When I played those 3, my very first reaction was…
“Whoa?! Imouto, kochi mite! You remember that cute guy who guested in Nino-san, Daiki Arioka? He’s a member of Hey! Say! JUMP? S-s-sugoooi.”

*after a few seconds…*

“Chotto matte…”


“YAPPARI! That guy! *points at Hikaru* He’s that guy from Taisuke-kun’s dorama “Ikemen desu ne”! Wow, He’s a member of Hey! Say! JUMP too? I wonder what’s his name…”

HAHA. Yeah. That’s when I first saw JUMP-kun as a whole. And yeah, the very first member I’ve known is Hikaru-kun and then Dai-chan, and then all of them. Because I still don’t know Hikaru-kun’s name that time, me and my imouto used to call him Yuki, his character name in the drama. HAHA!

And in the entire time that I watched Come On A My House PV, I was always looking for Daiki. He’s really the one who got my interest to become JUMP-kun’s fan. Even though Ryosuke is my ichiban now, Dai-chan is just sooooo … OMG, please don’t get me started. That penguin can effortlessly make me smile just by seeing him.

Anyway, back to the story.

So that time, JUMP-kun got my interest but because I was still SUPER DUPER crazy about Arashi that time (even until now :D ) , that PV gathered dust in my local disk C. HAHA! Sorry for the metaphor. (*▽≦)

But then December came and of course along with ARASHI’s performance in the Music Station Super Live 2014, I watched Johnny’s medley. Yes. JUMP-kun was there too, of course. They sang Weekender, if I remembered correctly. And I remembered them and my reaction when they started singing was…

“Whoa…Hey! Say! JUMP! OMG ! They’re so IKEMEN!!!! Huuuwwwaahh ~ My heart!”

After that, I watched their 3 PVs again… and again… and again. HAHAHA!

That’s when I became more aware of them. Ryosuke caught my eyes and my heart too. I thought he’s trying to melt me with his smile. But still I haven’t decided to follow them yet.

Then one day, my very first LJ Arashi Comm suddenly decided to make a JUMP comm too because most of them are also Hey! Say! JUMP fans. And I was like… “Please don’t tell me this is a sign?!”

And because I was already so interested to JUMP, I tried joining the comm and gave the decision to the mods. HAHA! The condition I gave myself was that, if they’ll accept me here, I’m going to become JUMP’s fan. And if they won’t, then I’ll stick to one idol group (ARASHI).

And after a few days… I guess you already knew what happened.

Ano toki ga, watashi wa Tobikko ni narimashita.
Yaay ~! Omedetou JUMP-kun for earning yet another fan. HAHA!

So then after that, my JUMP craziness began.

Yeah, that’s my story about how I became a Tobikko. That happened just a few months ago. :D
What’s your story? You can share it to me in the comment box through a very brief summary. I would love to hear it too. ^_^

Again, HAPPY 8th Hey! Say! JUMP!!
I LOVE each and everyone of you!

-        OWARI  -
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