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[COVER] Eve × suis from Yorushika - HEIKOUSEN

Hello! I did a duet collaboration cover with a friend for this wonderful song.
We worked so hard for it. It's the longest duration I've ever worked for a cover so far. 😆

So I hope you guys could lend us an ear, and please consider subscribing to my channel. 🥺



Have a nice day! 😊😊
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Let's be mutuals!

Ciaossu minna! I hope you're doing good.
A new episode of Tantei Hoshikamo is almost done. It'll probably be available for download tomorrow. UP!

For now, I just want to ask if anyone reading this has commented on my introduction post before that I haven't responded to or added back? I went on a long hiatus back then and haven't responded to anyone at all during that time. So if you still want to be mutuals with me, feel free to comment down on this post.

I'll take this post down after 24 hours if no one needs adding back.
I will close the comments after 24 hours. After that, you may comment again on my introduction post. 😆

Have a nice day! 💗

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[COVER] Just A Sunny Day For You (ただ君に晴れ) by Yorushika | Full Band Cover

I did a collaboration cover with the awesome musicians from the Yorushika fandom.
It was really fun, and we really love this song. Check out our cover below. ✨

Please consider subscribing to my channel. 🙏

Have a nice day! 😊😊